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Free Market Internet

This is kind of a continuation of my discussion about the Net Neutrality issue. It started me thinking about how important the Internet is for people and one of the things that I thought about is the free market aspect of the Internet. It is a place where anyone can set up shop at a minimal cost. Instead of needing a physical storefront you have a digital storefront and can connect to people as far away as you want to, most likely just the country you are in, but the possibility is there. Now you still have to compete with the larger businesses, but the ability to do searches online means that people might find your business by looking for something more specific. Then there are stores such as Etsy that allow people to set up a mini shop using their infrastructure. You have a place where people know to go and can find things that you make. The Internet builds a great free market. You can view ratings of products, businesses, and there are websites specifically dedicated to letting you know about how businesses are in your area. Continue reading

Science Fiction Today – Geek Culture and Consumerism

I had been trying to figure out how to talk about a question that had been bugging me lately. The question: Is geek culture just a culture of consumerism?

Then I saw this video, as Felicia Day introduces Geek and Sundry season 2. And she helped frame it a bit.

We are more than what we consume, more than what is advertised to us, more than physical things made. But we do still consume culture… so I suppose a couple of things.

  • What is consumerism?
  • What does geek culture consume?
  • What might this consumption look like in the future?
  • What are some pitfalls that this future has?

So, let’s take this idea, and take it into the future: Geek Culture and Consumerism!

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