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International TableTop Day 2016! This year’s 12 games!


It’s our 4th International TableTop Day! We have spent each year of this event by recommending 12 games before, so here’s our games from 2013, 2014, and 2015. But it’s 12 whole different games for this year, so you can see all those after the jump. A couple of words about each, and if you have any questions, you’ll find some TableTop videos or you can ask us questions in the comments!

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International TableTop Day 2015 Game Recommendations!

It’s that time again – International TableTop Day! This event started the same year that we started Comparative Geeks, and we started an annual tradition of the 12 Days of TableTop Day. We featured 12 games over 12 days before the big day – so at this point, there are 36 games we have recommended for play today!

If you missed this year’s game recommendations, you can find all of them on our Instagram – or you can read on after the jump for a bit more about each game! Hopefully today finds you playing one of these or many other games, together with old friends or new friends. You can find events near you on their website. In the words of Wil Wheaton – play more games!

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TableTop Day 2014 Game Recommendations

Today is the 2nd Annual International TableTop Day! If you’ve not been following our Tumblr, you may have missed our second annual 12 Days of TableTop Day. Fear not! As with last year, I’m going to give you a compiled list of our recommended games from this year!

I’ll include a bit about the game and why we like it, too! A number of these games have apps as well, and this is a great way to get into a number of games on the cheap, or to see if you like them! On to the games!

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We Interrupt the A to Z Challenge for International TableTop Day

We are not sure yet how we are going to celebrate International TableTop Day – other than the 12 Days of TableTop Day over on our Tumblr page – but that shouldn’t stop you from having a good time.

As Wil Wheaton points out in the video above, there are not only locations holding events – there are locations that have promotional goods as well for the event! Find an event near you – http://www.tabletopday.com/

Play more games! Preferably tomorrow!

The Twelve Days of Tabletop Day and other things happening on Comparative Geeks

Coming soon from Geek and Sundry is International Table Top Day! Falling on March 30th, this day is a day to find some people to game with, and game! They are building a collection of all of the events being put on, and have hit all 50 US states and a lot of other places besides! Check out their site and map here: http://www.tabletopday.com/

We here at Comparative Geeks are not sure what we are doing on TableTop Day – it’s a day we might be playing Dungeons and Dragons with our group, or else will probably be with our gaming group playing something else. However! We have something we know we are doing: The Twelve Days of TableTop Day!

Each day for the twelve days leading up to TableTop Day, we will showcase one of our favorite games on Twitter and Facebook. So, “like” us on Facebook to see, or follow us on Twitter, or just make sure to check it out in the side columns!

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