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Doctor Who, So Far

We are now 5 episodes in with the new season of Doctor Who and the new Doctor. There are some things that I am noticing about this season that I am really enjoying that I think works with the change in Doctor.

By this point we have gotten a good look at who Capaldi is as the Twelfth Doctor and personally I am really enjoying it. You can see my initial reaction to Capaldi from an earlier post. At the same time we have definitely gotten a deeper look at who Twelve is in these first few episodes.

The other piece that has been really nice is that I feel like we are finally getting to know Clara as a person instead of a mystery to be solved. The relationship between Clara and the Doctor has been so pronounced this season and I think is really helping to develop that character more. The episodes in general have been great because they are both stand-alone, but also with some overarching themes or plot elements. At the same time you could step in to any of the episodes and probably have a good idea what is happening. Doctor Who, so far, I think has been a great ride and personally I have really enjoyed all the episodes so far. Continue reading

Why I’m Hopeful for Doctor Who: Series 8

Okay, that might seem like a bleak sort of title for a Doctor Who fan. What is there to be hopeful about? It’s going to be great. Of course it’s going to be great.

However, some of that may just be the end of Series 7 talking. The last episode – followed by the 50th Anniversary Special and the Christmas Special – I have come to call the “of the Doctor” trilogy: The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor, and The Time of the Doctor. And this trilogy was amazing.

The Name of the Doctor

But as a whole, Series 7 was less well received. So let’s consider that for a moment, and then, why I’m hopeful for Series 8!

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What Can We Expect from the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

Well, I have previously done some brainstorming on what I thought might happen in series 7 of Doctor Who, and in the 50th Anniversary Special, and now that these episodes have come to pass, are we there? Have all of my questions been answered? I think not. So what is going to happen in the Christmas Special?

It’s still Moffat at the helm, and he knows how to play a long con. I think he is still planning on answering questions. The 50th Anniversary special tells us this.

But there are also a lot of items on the table, and I don’t know that we’re going to see all of these things. However, there are some known things happening – so what can we expect, given what is known? Onwards, to spoilers and speculation!

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