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Newsies the Musical, my Favorite Things

Newsies the Musical outside the Orpheum

This weekend I got the distinct pleasure of going to see Newsies, the Musical. I grew up watching the movie Newsies from Disney and loved every minute of it. I loved it so much that I could sing along with every song and even knew the whole opening dialogue by heart. When I first heard about them making a musical of Newsies I was ecstatic and knew that if I got the opportunity to see it I would have to. This weekend that opportunity came and it was  not a disappointment. Obviously they had to change a few things for the stage production, but the music is really what makes the story so great and the music does not disappoint. They added a few songs to fill out the roster and some of the lyrics got changed around a bit, which to hardcore fans is a bit confusing, but it is still such a fun ride. So in honor of my excitement here are my 5 favorite things from Newsies, the Musical. Continue reading

Book of Mormon, the Musical

Book of Mormon logoAs David mentioned we were in Seattle this last weekend and besides seeing Broken Bells we got to go see Book of Mormon, the Musical. This is extremely irreverent and has some great commentary about mission, ignorance, blind faith, and the general human condition. In some ways this show could have been done with some evangelical branches of Christian denominations, but Mormonism just has such an extreme stereotype that can be played around with. They also have some specific beliefs that I am not sure everyone is aware of, which makes for some great shock value. At the same time I do not feel that they are making fun of Mormons specifically or religion in general. I would say the biggest thing they are making fun of is really just ignorance and blind faith.

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