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Science Fiction Today: Advertising

Advertising is an area that as technology changes needs to get overhauled. People used to have to buy a newspaper or listen to the radio to get their news, but now you can search online. Advertising is the information on the peripheral of the thing we actually want to see. As we have become more sophisticated in how we engage with the world and our chosen entertainment advertising has had to change how it catches our eye because many things depend on the advertising.

It is not always something that is present in science fiction, but advertising is such a pervasive part of how we experience much of our entertainment it makes sense that if the technology is growing that the advertising would grow with it. From science fiction there are a few different ways that advertising is present in the world. From an always on mentality, to a customized experience depending on the person, as well as there being an entirely different model for commerce and therefore no advertising at all. Continue reading

LitFlix: The Host

I will admit that this one might be pretty short because personally I thought they did a great job following along with the book. There were some things that they cut and other parts they sped up a bit, but the core of what the book is about was very much intact. The ending they did change slightly, but there were obvious reasons for that. My favorite part was Jeb – William Hurt did a fabulous job of bringing that character to life.

So as usual if you have not read the book or seen the movie, there are spoilers to follow, but in general both the book and movie do a great job of looking at humanity when humans are endangered. Continue reading

Your Controversy Trumped My Simple Post – Orson Scott Card and Ultimate Iron Man

So I finished reading Ultimate Iron Man. I was reading it for my LitFlix project for comics, thinking it might be a good lead-in for the Iron Man movies. The X-Men movies were really kind of in the world of Ultimate X-Men, so I thought that might be similar as a source.

Not so! Ultimate Iron Man is very different from the movies. Tony Stark is born with some nano-technological powers, and is a young genius who builds the Iron Man suit because he can, and only he can really use it. It’s… different. He regrows. It’s a thing.

So now, I want to read something else in preparation for Iron Man 3. But it’s written by Orson Scott Card… so suddenly, I feel like dropping an Orson Scott Card comic is part of a current political issue, and I want to do it for content reasons. My LitFlix is getting caught up in a current controversy! Continue reading

LitFlix for 2013

So I noticed that this year there are a lot of movies coming out that are based on books. In the past, when there was a movie coming out I wanted to see based on a book, I tried to read the book first. For example, reading Lord of the Rings before Fellowship came out. Or, if I find out the movie is based on a book, I will try and read it such as True Blood (I know it is not a movie, but the idea still holds true).

So this formed a perfect idea: that is, to read the book, then watch the movie based on the book, and give you a handy comparison review. Some people cannot stand to watch a movie of a book they love or read a book based on a movie, but I think there are interesting things that can present themselves in each medium that you cannot necessarily find if you do not mix it up.

Now there are times that movies have ruined great books, but there are other times that I think movies have breathed life into a great idea in a book that was not fully explored. So here it is, my list of LitFlix for 2013:

Continue reading