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Science Fiction Today: The Weather

So yesterday David and I watched Snowpiercer and the movie was fantastic, but it got me thinking about how we deal with weather and climate change in science fiction stories. From what I can find there seems to be two different story telling methods to deal with the environment in stories. One is that basically nature tries to overcompensate for what has happened and there is an apocalyptic environmental event of some sort or a dystopic turn in the weather, usually causing a great deal of problem for any people. The other is that we try and control the weather in some way and that either goes well or goes very, very poorly. There are numerous examples of all these scenarios throughout various science fiction stories.

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The Giver, a LitFlix

Last weekend David and I went and saw The Giver and it has taken me this long to get my thoughts in order about what I want to say. I remember when I first saw the trailer for me and it caught me a bit off guard because it did not feel like the book to me. It made me worried that they were going to miss the point of the story in favor of action. Later on I heard that Lois Lowry actually gave the movie a thumbs up about getting the essence of the story, so that was very promising. I have to say my initial impression was that I enjoyed the movie, but they definitely changed elements to up the drama of the overall story. The book has such a quiet simplicity, but still packs a lot of power. The movie on the other hand definitely ups the drama and conflict by changing around a lot of the elements at the same time they were able to keep the heart of the story. (Spoilers for The Giver after the jump) Continue reading

First Science Fiction / Fantasy Book

On i09 recently they asked their readers what was the first science fiction or fantasy book they had read. It made me think of what my answer would be and the problem that I was running in to is that I was having trouble thinking of what I read early on that was science fiction and fantasy. I am realizing at the time that I just read books and did not think about what larger genre the books were a part of. That then got me thinking about when I did finally realize that I was reading science fiction or fantasy and really it probably happened when I actually starting buying books for myself. At that point I had to understand the genres to be able to find the books that I wanted to read.

So I realized that I needed to just start thinking of what I remember that I read when I was younger that might work in to a science fiction and fantasy genre. This was still difficult because I am not quite sure which qualify and I feel like I read a lot of the typical science fiction and fantasy later in life. I think I actually watched a lot more science fiction and fantasy then I read, but here are a few of the books that I do remember reading. Continue reading

Geek 501 Science Fiction / Fantasy

Good Omens black and white covers

There was a great article on iO9 talking about entry level science fiction and fantasy books. They got a lot of people to give their ideas for great books to introduce someone to science fiction and / or fantasy. I felt bad because there were a lot of books that I had actually never read. At the same time there were a good number that I had read. It was definitely an interesting list of a wide variety of books. The ideas came from authors, publishers, and more, but here are a few books that I think are a great introduction to science fiction and fantasy.

Some of the idea is that science fiction and fantasy can sometimes be so epic and many of the books are such small parts of a larger whole it can be difficult to want to enter in to a potentially large commitment. The books that I think would work well either are single stories or stand on their own enough that they do not further books to get the whole story. Continue reading

Litflix 2014

Last year was big for movies based on books. We had Warm Bodies, Beautiful Creatures, Mortal Instruments, Catching Fire, The Hobbit, and more. It has been a fun journey seeing how studios have chosen to interpret the books in to the movies and see where they hit or missed the mark. So now it is a new year and there are new Litflix coming out. So here is the list of all the books turned movies that I am going to be examining over the next year.

There is definitely something to be said for reading the book before seeing the movie. I will admit it might taint the experience a little bit, but I still find the practice fascinating. Sometimes when you are too familiar with the story you can be distracted from the story being told. At the same time if the book is good then it can be difficult to watch a movie that seems to totally veer away from the story that was told. So we will see what this new batch of Litflix brings and feel free to join in. (This is not a complete list, but there are only so many books I can read and movies that I can watch in a year.) Continue reading