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American Gothic – First Impressions

American Gothic premiered last night on CBS, and after seeing a bit about it I decided to give it a shot. I’ve been watching Parks and Rec and Archer on Netflix a lot lately, and wanted something fresh. It looked intriguing, and so I figured, why not? The worst part would be the commercials, since I haven’t watched a show play live on TV in ages.

American Gothic centers on the well-to-do Hawthorne family, and begins its introduction to the family members in the midst of getting ready for the eldest sister’s family portrait and interview. She is running for office, and is already an established and well-liked city councilor. As the youngest sister, Tess, and her husband are heading to the family home, part of a tunnel collapses behind them on top of a car. As we are introduced to the other family members, we see that in the debris of the tunnel a belt is found, which it is discovered is linked to a notorious serial killer. The Silver Bell Killer, who was never apprehended and who left behind no evidence, except for a silver hand bell, strangled his victims, and it is believed the belt may have been a murder weapon. It is found in concrete supplied by the Hawthorne family.

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Gone Girl, a LitFlix

David and I finally found the opportunity to watch the movie Gone Girl. I read the novel back in October and loved it. The story keeps you guessing the entire time and I at times was not sure what was really happening and really did not see where the story was truly going until the end. I was not sure if they were going to pull off that same sense of suspense in the movie. Also, since I had read the book I do not know if I would have the same reaction to the movie. Luckily, David had not read the book so I could use his reaction to help judge the emotional progress of the book. From what I can tell they definitely pulled off telling the same story, which was not an easy feat. The book goes back and forth between perspectives and that can sometimes not done well in a movie, but the transitions were smooth and done beautifully. There were still a lot of things that were taken out for time purposes obviously, but all the same twists and turns were still there. The movie did an amazing job with pulling off the book and really getting the emotion of the story. (Spoilers for Gone Girl after the jump.) Continue reading

Eat. Prey. Love?: NBC’s Hannibal

Guest post by Leah, who writes at I’ll Make It Myself!a food blog about gender, geekery, and vegetable alternatives to humans; and The Lobster Dance, a blog about Japan, gender, media, and culture.

Will Graham kicking in a door.

[breaks into your house] YO LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HANNIBAL. Via Hanigrahmy

Warning: spoilers will be very mild and images will be safe for work, but there’s some discussion of gore, violence, and sexual harassment.

Thanks to the wonders of video-on-demand services, I don’t often watch TV shows when they air, but every Saturday morning I launch myself out of bed to watch Hannibal over my morning coffee. I am not a Silence of the Lambs fan.

This is my design.

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