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Man of Steel and Superman: Birthright – A LitFlix

You know, there was a lot of talk about the fact that Man of Steel was produced by Christopher Nolan, not directed by Christopher Nolan. I wonder how, in all this talk, I missed the fact that Christopher Nolan wrote Man of Steel.

And you know, I often talk about Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan in comparison – especially Sucker Punch in comparison to Inception. So really, getting the two of them to work together on a project could only be good, right?

The first three covers from Superman: Birthright.

The first three covers from Superman: Birthright.

So I read Superman: Birthright in preparation for Man of Steel, because as I mentioned recently, I don’t have a lot of background with Superman. And, as a LitFlix – an exploration of the comic versus the movie. I can recommend both Man of Steel and Superman: Birthright – but do they tell the same story of Superman’s early days? Read on! Continue reading

A Character Study of Superman

I am reading Superman: Birthright and getting ready for Man of Steel, and it’s gotten me thinking about Superman.

We often talk about the motivations of a character, or give a well-done for overcoming obstacles, but I don’t know that I’m qualified to do that with Superman. The only Superman movie I’ve seen is the Superman Returns movie by Bryan Singer, which did not endear me to the series.

The only Superman comic I’ve read is the beginning of Birthright. In some ways, I suppose it just makes me a Marvel comics reader. But much of it is that Superman is so much a part of our culture, and so larger than life, that he ends up almost as a cliche. What is it about Superman that both intrigues us so, and bores us so?

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