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Time Travel and Star Trek: The Next Generation

Time Travel makes for an interesting plot, and might come up a lot in science fiction with high levels of technology. If the essentials are there, what’s to stop someone from traveling through time? Then, added fun, what’s to stop someone from doing it again?

When your time machine is your starship, and there are lots of those, well… the timeline can get interesting. And when you only use time travel in emergency situations, those emergencies can start stacking on each other in such a way that things could very easily fall apart.

As the Doctor might say, history is in flux, and time can be rewritten. So what does that look like in the world of Star Trek: The Next Generation? Continue reading


Turning a Series into a Movie – Like Star Trek, Final Fantasy, and Doctor Who

Our First Blu Ray

Our First Blu Ray!

A lot of the time, a movie just seems like a great addition to a series. Maybe it’s for the money, maybe because success leads to the funding needed for a movie, maybe someone just always wanted it to be a movie.

And with mixed success, the movies come. Some are some of the fans’ very favorite movies (think Serenity). Some are the worst movies we can think of (The Last Airbender). There are different approaches, and I am going to explore a few.

What got me thinking of this? Well, there are rumors about thoughts of a Doctor Who movie, so in the spirit of the Doctor Who posts this month, I want to conclude by thinking about these successes and failures in terms of how one would approach making a Doctor Who movie.
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