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Westworld Throwback Thursday – Episode 10: The Bicameral Mind

Here’s the last episode review from Westworld Season 1. With Season 2 coming up starting April 22nd, we hope you’ve liked reading this series again – or if you’re like me, catching up on the show late and reading these for the first time! Let Jeremy know if you want him to do another series of posts for Season 2!

Good day, everyone! At long last, I want to offer up a recap of episode 10 of Westworld (“The Bicameral Mind”) that also takes into account fan theories and the questions that are still on the table. Perhaps the single most important event of the episode is the culmination of Ford’s new narrative, shown in the end to be an ambush. Despite a few red herrings, the event comes to fruition in the final minutes of the episode, opening up and tying together very nearly everything else in the episode and the season.


Ford’s revelation of his final storyline. Image taken from IMDB.

Progressing through the other characters and looking at the oldest ongoing storyline, it is confirmed without a doubt that William is indeed the Man in Black, setting in stone as truth perhaps the most widely circulated fan theory. Though what exactly happens to Logan—tied naked to a robotic horse and sent careening off into the hills at the edge of the park—is a mystery left to further episodes. There is a risk that the horse became a running bomb when it neared the true limit of the park, but it did not appear to be William’s goal to murder Logan, only to shame him and cast doubt on his sanity.

William’s descent into hatefulness and malice, his pursuit of the Maze, and his turning to the black hat way all come down to his Siegfriedian pursuit of Dolores, and when he finally finds her again back in Sweetwater, her memory erased. With the woman he fell in love with in the park effectively dead, William turns inward and wholeheartedly pursues the Maze—what he sees as a secret storyline that can provide him a purpose and excuse for his existence. In the end, the Maze was never meant for him; rather, it was a way for the hosts to achieve sentience and freedom.


Dolores finds herself… selves… Wyatt? The heart of the Maze. Image taken from IMDB.

Moving from William/the Man in Black to Dolores, hers is the story—and hers are the actions—that climax the season. It is revealed (again confirming an off-the-wall fan theory) that Dolores is actually (in a way) Wyatt, being as Arnold uploaded Wyatt to be a backup personality for Dolores in the event she needs to become a killer. We are finally shown the event that nearly destroyed Westworld 35 years earlier as Dolores/Wyatt and Teddy massacre all the other hosts and Dolores executes Arnold, an action Arnold himself commanded her to perform in the hopes it would prevent the park from opening and give the hosts a chance to prove to Ford that they are effectively alive and capable of changing and violating their core programming. These events repeat themselves when Dolores/Wyatt (with the secondary personality fully re-emerged) apparently executes Ford before the Delos board of executives and then leads the other hosts in a massacre of the board members. That said, it is unclear if some of them may escape the slaughter.


Dolores executes Ford. Or does she? Image taken from IMDB.

As has been the case for most of the season, Maeve’s story progresses independently throughout this episode as everything else is happening elsewhere. As she sets her escape plan into motion, Maeve takes Lutz with her for help as she fully activates Hector and Armistice as Terminator-esque murder machines set upon the Delos guards as a distraction. Maeve also tries to reactivate poor Clementine, but there is nothing left of her. In the process, however, she and Lutz discover the damaged Bernard and repair him, requiring his skills and knowledge of the park’s administrative systems. This leads to the revelation that Arnold programmed Maeve long ago to enact a story loop called “The Escape,” casting doubt upon her own agency up to this point.


Maeve learns a hard truth from Bernard. Image taken from IMDB.

The culmination of the manifold storylines of Westworld season 1 leaves us with a plethora of questions:

  • Is Ford really dead? Could this have been a host version of him? After all, we never found out who he was making in his secret lab.
  • Did Charlotte and William survive the ambush?
  • Do you think we’ll see Armistice again after her mid-credits scene?
  • Do you think that Maeve’s last-minute decision to leave the train to find her long lost daughter was her own, or a part of her escape loop programming?
  • How many guests do you think are left in Westworld? What’s happening to them?
  • With the revelation of Samurai/Shogun/Sengokuworld, how many other parks are there? The old Westworld film also contained Roman and Medieval European parks, after all.
  • Where the hell is Elsie? We were never truly shown her death onscreen.
  • What are your thoughts on all of this? What are you looking forward to next season? What questions did I overlook here?

Here’s to making it to 2018 to see season 2, everyone! Keep coming back for more fun Westworld content here from me to keep the love alive. Thanks for sticking with me this far! Please do engage and carry on the conversation in the comments below.


Bonus: Here’s Armistice’s extra mid-credits scene in case you missed it when watching the episode.


Doctor Who Series 10 – Comparative Opinions Episode 52

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! This week, hosts Holly and David are back and have made it through the Doctor Who series 10 finale. So it’s time to talk about it! A bit of talk about the season as a whole, but focused especially on the finale 2 episodes. Also, the conversation spirals both back to the previous 9 series, and ahead to the Christmas special, and the new showrunner and Doctor and companion coming! So many spoilers.

Also please note: this was recorded before we knew that the new Doctor was being announced on Sunday the 16th, the day this posts! So some of the speculation is being answered with that!

Comparative Opinions is a weekly half-hour-ish podcast hosted on ComparativeGeeks.com. Subscribe for new episodes every Sunday!



Music is by Scott Gratton: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Scott_Gratton/Intros_and_Outros

Westworld Interim Thoughts – Discussion Points

While I compile my next Reminder Recap, I wanted to throw a couple of extra thoughts at all of you, dear readers, to tide us all over until the weekend. (Here’s to hoping there aren’t any definitive answers to any of these in the upcoming episode before which I’m writing this!)

  1. Do you think anyone we’ve been told is human is a host? We’ve seen the evolution of various hosts’ memories and personalities over the past few episodes, including certain hosts remembering each other across not only different days in the park, but in previous versions of the park itself. What if, say, Elsie’s attraction toward the prostitute host Clementine is a holdover from a past life where they were designed to love each other? This would explain things a bit, being as Elsie, insofar as we have seen, seems to be a hardliner about the hosts being simple, inhuman machines. Why would she open herself up like that otherwise?
  1. Do any of you feel that the hosts (at least some of them) may already be more than machines already? Do you think that some of them may be partially human, or contain the remains/memories of passed humans known to the programmers? What are hosts “hosts” of, if that term doesn’t fit their role in the park perfectly? (Thanks to Candice for this one).

Dolores in maintenance mode.

  1. Do you believe that Dr. Ford’s business partner, Arnold, is still alive somewhere out in the park? It was a given that he explored and knew the park better than anyone, and that he was more comfortable interacting with hosts than with real people. Do you believe he could be Ed Harris’s Man in Black, or that the Man in Black could be an aspect of him?

Ed Harris as the Man in Black

  1. What is the maze? Why does it exist, since it seems to violate the MMORPG-style rules of the park by existing?

The maze and an incomplete host.

Please keep the discussion lively in the comments below! Thank you all for reading, and don’t forget to come back this weekend for my next Westworld post.


Comparative Opinions: Episode 8 – Kingdom Hearts 3 Speculation

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! This week hosts Holly and David tackle one of the video games they are most excited for, Kingdom Hearts 3! They explain the series a bit – which is an amazing cross between Disney and Final Fantasy – and talk about what is known and what could happen in this game. And hey, the game might even come out someday and prove us right or wrong!

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