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Verdict: Inhumans

Having recently finished the second and third episodes of the Inhumans figured it was time to write up the verdict post. I know we are already almost half way through the entire series, but still wanted to get my thoughts out there since the first episode is still available.

In general I have been enjoying some of the political intrigue of the show, and with some background knowledge of the characters I already had some investment going in. At the same time I can understand how if you had little to no knowledge of these characters that the dynamics might run a little flat. The show has not done enough to build up the background of who the Inhumans are and what they are doing on the moon. There does seem to be a level of expectation that you have knowledge of the characters already, which doesn’t really work.

At the same time the performance by Black Bolt, Maximus, and Medusa have been great, although some of the special effects have been lacking that is mostly dealt with by the end of the first episode. We are definitely going to finish watching this limited series, but so far nothing they have shown me makes me want more than just this limited run. (Spoilers for Inhumans after the jump.)

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Resident Evil, a Re-watch

Often when I am cooking I like to watch either a show or movie that I do not have to fully pay attention to. This can either due to it being incredibly predictable or more likely because I have seen it before. I need to make a couple of dips for a gathering that I am going to tomorrow so David and I decided to put on Resident Evil. I have caught bits and pieces of it on tv every once in a while, but I had not watched it all the way through in a while. It still is a fun movie to watch, with a pretty decent plot, while still be very much a zombie movie.

The first movie has a quality that the others don’t and some of that is mystery. When we watch the first Resident Evil we do not know what is happening and the movie opens with a lot of mayhem happening with a lot of people dying. They build to the truth of what is happening and really do a great job of it. So here are some of my impressions from re-watching Resident Evil. Continue reading