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Cultural and Generational Differences

Sorry this is a little late yesterday just got away from me. David and I went and saw the local high schools production of Spamalot last night and there were a couple of interesting changes that they made to the story and music. One of the main things was that they changed the song “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway” to say “if you don’t have any stars” instead of “if you don’t have any jews”. The change could have been for a couple of reasons, one is that it could be seen as racial insensitive or a racial stereotype. The other reason is that the high schoolers putting on the production may not actually understand the meaning behind saying jews and stars makes more sense.

We had a similar experience when we saw the West End production of Avenue Q in London. During the song “It Sucks to Be Me” there is one line where a character laments that “I work in a Korean Deli, but I am Japanese”, but in the West End version they said Chinese Restaurant instead of Korean Deli. It makes sense to change that line if people will not understand what a Korean Deli is. Both of these show where cultural and generational differences can change the meaning behind a statement and might make us want to change how a specific piece of information is presented. Continue reading