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What If The Internet Shut Down?

Just yesterday we were watching this video on SourceFed Nerd, where they were asked what they would do if the Internet shut down. It’s a fascinating question for this group, in particular, because even more than Holly and I, they live on the Internet – making videos, taking in and processing news for Sourcefed, monitoring comments on dozens of videos, making sales on For Human Peoples.

However, there was an earthquake here last night (we’re fine), and it’s destabilized the Internet in town. One of the two providers is out, as well as our cellular data. So we’re getting a tiny taste of what it would be like to have no Internet.

Texting worked once we turned off iMessage – which kept failing while trying to send over data. Most of the texts have been about the fact that the Internet isn’t working… though of course a few went out saying that we’re fine in regards to an earthquake!

And there have been emails as well, largely to the same effect.

There’s an office I’m not working at today, and it sounds like their Internet is completely out – and this is their main way of communicating with customers. This must have really slowed down work – and it means that tomorrow, when I do work, may very well be crazy.

We depend so much on the Internet anymore! I hope it’s back up working soon. Not going to lie. But what do you think? What would you do if the Internet failed? How would you be impacted? (I asked on the Internet). Let us know in the comments below! And hopefully, we’ll be able to check and find out that you commented!

Intermission Post: SourceFed Animated

Due to the fact that I have come down with a nasty of nasty colds instead of our usual post I am going to bring you a brief intermission. During this intermission I would like to introduce you to one of the more creative things that one of the YouTube Channels that we watch has started. So Sourcefed Nerd does episodes four days a week where a few of the hosts answer questions submitted by users on Twitter and Reddit, called TableTalk. There is answering the questions and then there are some great sidetracked stories, but in general really interesting to think about. Now what they have done is taken some of the stories and animated them. So you here the audio from the TableTalk episode, but then are watching an drawn animation acting out what happened. So far most of them have been hilarious and a great visualization of the story.

So above and after the jump are a couple of ones that we really liked watching. Hopefully I will feel better soon and luckily I cannot get people sick through the Internet…..yet. Continue reading

Geek 501 – Science Fiction Today

Today, I’d like to turn one of our recurring features – Geek 501, where we introduce or explore a topic – on one of our other recurring features – Science Fiction Today. In our Science Fiction Today posts, we take a current issue from the world today, and think about what it could look like in the future, at what the science fiction solution to the problem might be.

We like Science Fiction Today because there are so many hard problems today – maybe in all days and times – but that they then get lost in politics, become almost impossible to discuss rationally, and then what can be done about them? This is maybe especially the world of American politics, where everything seems to always be reduced down to a dichotomy, every issue gets claimed by one of the two parties.

I found a theoretical term recently to consider these sorts of issues, and then today there were a couple of SourceFed stories that really pointed to need for people to be thinking and dreaming of what to do in the future – to be building Science Fiction Today. So let me explore, briefly, why I think these posts matter.

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Steam Machine – Am I Still Excited?

So a number of Steam Machines were showcased at CES recently, and I’m feeling a bit like it’s not what I was expecting, but quite a bit like what I should have been expecting. It’s far more open source, it seems, open to development. Many companies are making Steam Boxes – their similarity is they will all be running the Steam OS and be available as gaming machines that can play your Steam Games.

I’ve talked about my interested in the Steam Machines before, and I was definitely thinking of it more as a replacement and upgrade for our gaming consoles – you know, sitting in the living room, attached to a TV, using a controller, and playing your games. And I would expect and hope I could put a game in (well, buy it online) and just play it, not running into problems of compatibility, graphics cards, etc. I was also hoping for a price point that would be similar to the other new consoles, the X-Box One and PS4.

However, what this really seems like is a gaming rig, basically a PC, just one running the Steam OS, and which is designed for gaming and the use of a controller. In my mind, it makes me think of an AlienWare computer – which happens to of course be a company making Steam Boxes. Compatibility might not be an issue, but that’s more because these look like super souped-up PCs is all. So let’s look at a review of these boxes, and then join me in thinking about the Steam Box with a poll!

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Sourcefed Nerd Comfort Zone

So, there is not really going to be a post tonight because David and I are having to put some finishing touches on a few things for a charity event that we helped organize that is happening tomorrow. So it is really important that we get that taken care of. So instead we will be doing full posts on Saturday and Sunday. In the mean time please enjoy this hilarious video of Comfort Zone from Sourcefed Nerd where Trisha and Steve, who do not know how to cook at all try and cook breakfast Monte Cristo sandwiches with the crew from Epic Meal Time. They are really good sports, but it is amazing what they do not know about cooking.