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Returning TV Shows

So there are quite a few new shows that I am looking forward to and will give a first impression of all of those shows. Along with all the new shows we also have all the shows that we will be continuing to watch. Some of the shows we are pretty sure what we are going to get; Castle, NCIS: LA, Blacklist, etc. These are shows that I feel like I know the way that they operate and while they can still surprise me I know what I am getting into. There are a few shows that I am either excited or hopeful about because the direction that the seem to be going, but I am not quite sure what is going to happen; Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, and Sleepy Hollow. Each of these shows has something different that makes me excited or nervous for the next season of the shows story.

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Verdict: Sleepy Hollow

So recently I discussed some new shows starting this fall that I was planning on giving a chance. One of them premiered on Monday of this week, Sleepy Hollow. I know it is Saturday, but I have just found the time to actually watch the show to be able to give my reaction. The quick reaction is that you should be watching this show, especially if you love a supernatural mystery that is also dealing with an impending apocalypse.

In short the show, in my humble opinion, is starting out fantastic. There is an overarching mystery, the sense of the supernatural, religion, magic, history, mythology, all placed in the world today where the unexplainable is often dismissed or rationalized. Creating the very distinct problem of how do you explain someone who claims that before awaking today they were fighting the Revolutionary War? Here are some of the things that I particularly enjoyed about the first episode. Continue reading

2013 Fall TV Shows Premieres

So the new fall tv season is starting out and there is a pretty good list of new shows and returning shows starting up. The problem is figuring out what you are going to commit the time to watching. There have been a couple shows that David and I have recently dropped because they just were not holding our attention. It can be hard to decide what new shows to watch. If they do not hook me at the first episode do you try a couple more or do you just give up because there are so many other things to watch. Last year Elementary was a show that I tried one episode and just really did not care, even though I like the actor. Some of that came down to the fact that the BBC Sherlock Holmes is just so good another Sherlock show had a lot to live up to.

So now we come to another round of new shows to entertain and dazzle trying to grab our attention. So here are some shows coming out that I want to give a chance and one that I am already sold on. Continue reading