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Weekend Coffee Share – Sleep Deprivation Edition

Doctor Who Coffee MugIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s been a heck of a week.

For one thing, we’re coming off of sickness last week – so we were already off our game, and I’d already been sleeping on the couch to avoid getting sick, as well as the Geek Baby sleeping out of the bedroom. We’re at about the time, then, that the Geek Baby needs to transition into sleeping in her crib anyway… so we decided to leverage this disruption in life to just start the transition.


If there’s one thing we’re kind of sheepish saying about the Geek Baby (and yet here I am saying it on the Internet…) it’s that she’s been a great sleeper. From really early on, she was sleeping through the night. She’s always been kind of a random napper, but it’s really easy to deal with random naps and fussy tired time during the day when you’ve slept through the night.

But she hasn’t always been the easiest to get down to sleep – often it felt like a coin flip as to whether she would wake up or sleep on when you put her down. Once down successfully, she’d sleep.

Somewhere in our thrown-off schedule and in trying to move to the crib… well, the odds have gotten much worse than a coin flip.

If we were having coffee, it wouldn’t be my first today. Nor my second, probably. Because getting her to go down to sleep? It’s been HARD. Often impossible. We’ve done some reading on baby sleep, and that’s helping us form a plan and not go crazy. Because when your baby wakes up during the act of putting her down in a crib… crazy is where that train is headed.

It might have been a weak Science Fiction Today post the other day, but I did wonder about sleep on Monday. It’s only been more ridiculous since then. Hopefully it gets better – say, before I have to head back to work, and this gets really hard…

How are you? In desperate need of coffee? I’m sure there’s more at the linkup on Part-Time Monster!

Sleep – Science Fiction Today

There’s a topic that’s on our minds a lot right now – sleep. With Holly sick last week, the Geek Baby and I spent the week sleeping in a different room. And, while the Geek Baby is a pretty good sleeper, the schedule change seems to have messed with her. So we’re taking advantage of it a bit – it’s time to start transitioning into the crib. There are a lot of suggestions on ideas and tips… but anyway, suffice to say: thinking a lot about sleep.

I have a troubled relationship with sleep. On the one hand, a good sleep – a fascinating dream, sleeping in, snuggled warm when it’s cold… these are good things. But I also feel like there’s so much more I could do, and would want to do, if I could just sleep less. I did sleep a lot less during college, which did leave me feeling like I got a lot done – and like I would fall asleep in early-morning classes.

There are interesting visions of sleep in Science Fiction – like the powerful dreams in The Lathe of Heaven, or the cryo-sleep in countless deep-space travel stories. However, what I’m thinking of I’m not sure I’ve read, but I’m sure it’s out there – what about not needing to sleep at all? Or about some sort of super-caffeine, where we can simulate having slept for a while at least.

Because even in, say, Star Trek where they seem to have solved so many things – like the effects of alcohol with Synthehol, or say scarcity… they still definitely sleep. Beds prominent in all of their cabins.

So I feel like because I don’t have specific examples, I would open it up to you – any good examples or thoughts on the future of sleep? Or, how about a poll?