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What’s on Netflix June 2016

Summer is usually a time for Netflix to do a bit of an overhaul to their lineup, or release their new content, which makes sense. School is out, people take vacations, the majority of network shows are on their summer break…it’s a great time to fill some gaps. There’s actually quite a bit coming to Netflix this month, here’s just a few to cover:

The First 3 Jurassic Park Movies

If you’ve never seen at least the first one, watch it when it comes to Netflix June 1st. It’s a classic. The sequels don’t pack quite the same punch as the first, but they are still worth watching at least one. Pop some popcorn and enjoy the incredible T-Rex roars.

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – A LitFlix

Sin City: Volume 1, The Hard Goodbye

Sin City: Volume 1, The Hard Goodbye

This is a LitFlix that has been a long time coming. For one thing, this movie was originally slated to come out last year, so I’ve had the comics for this for over a year! For another thing, the movies came out two weeks ago, we saw it in its second weekend, and here I am finally writing about it.

I think some of the delay is because, honestly, I don’t know that I have much to say. We did come home from seeing Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and immediately rewatched the first film, Sin City. So there’s that to say for it. The movie has also made barely any money, so I will lead with this: if you liked Sin City, you’ll probably like A Dame to Kill For. But you might not have much longer to see it in theaters – I know it’s already gone from our local theaters!

Spoilers to follow for both Sin City movies, but not all too many!

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Catching Up on our Big List of Things

After we ended the A to Z Challenge in early May I did a post about how we had so many things to talk about, so many games to play, so many movies to see and shows to watch.

Now we’re in summer, and while the blockbusters have hit (especially a lot of the LitFlix), the shows have ended (even Game of Thrones!), and we have time to breathe. We also have some of the time-sinks in our personal lives past us. So where are we at? What are we up to? 

I thought I would highlight some of our thoughts on topics moving forward, and some of the things we’ve crossed off that ambitious list of topics. Onward!

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Comics LitFlix 2014

In 2013 we had fun doing LitFlix, reading the books or comics that had to go with the movies. I’m going to continue that on into this year, with whole new offerings to go from!

Marvel has 4 movies alone; another way to look at it is there are two from Frank Miller, and two from Chris Claremont. They’re dipping back to the classic writers.

The ones that are part of a larger comic universe are harder to plan for: they have to work off of the content from the movies, as well as any comic inspiration. So, I’ll be putting together what I can for those, reading inspirations, and seeing what I can do!

I’ve got trailers to follow for the ones that have trailers, and, like last year, I’m listing what I have found for reading these materials – so you can read along too for the movies!

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Supplemental LitFlix 2013

So as Holly and I were pulling together her pretty busy year in our last post, I kept asking about the comic movies, because there’s something to read and consider and compare there, too. Looking at how many movies we are expecting from books this year, I will have to agree with her: she’s got her work cut out for her.

So I’ll pretend to be helpful and read the comics for the comics-to-movies this year. Check out my plans below the fold! Continue reading