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ReDiscovering James Corden

David and I originally saw James Corden on Doctor Who and we found out that he was hosting The Late Late Show, so we decided to subscribe to the YouTube channel since we would not actually watch the show live. We then proceeded to forget about watching the channel, until recently. When I saw that he had done Carpool Karaoke with Adele and decided to watch it. After watching it I decided to watch further and have thoroughly enjoyed what I have found. Here are a few of my favorite videos from James Corden. Continue reading

New Albums, Old Artists, Sia and Panic at the Disco

So this past month I have discovered new albums by some of my favorite artists. One is the latest album by Sia This is Acting, who I have adored ever since I first heard “Chandelier”. This new album is just as good and I really love the song “Cheap Thrills” although so far from my listening the whole album is good; “Bird Set Free” and “Move Your Body” are a couple others that I like. I have to say it will be interesting to see the music videos that come out of this album because with her last album she went very modern interpretive dance with her music. If the direction she took on the Tonight Show it will follow along the same lines. This is not a bad thing, but personally I was so distracted by the dancing it took a second listen for me to realize how much I loved the song.

The other album that came out is by Panic at the Disco called Death of a Bachelor. Now this album is almost an exploration of different genres and beats. It shifts between some heavier rock to almost old style swing. Personal favorites are definitely “Victorious”, “Hallelujah”, “Emperor’s New Clothes”, and “Crazy=Genius”. The video for two of them is pretty neat as well. Those can be viewed after the jump. Continue reading

Best of 2014

Again, this year David and I are going to be looking at our Best of 2014 post. These are what each of us considers the best from this last year. I am doing mine today and David will be posting his tomorrow. Just as last year not everything necessarily was released in 2014, but it is when we experienced these items. This year we are looking at movie, tv show, book, comic, music, video game, and board game. Continue reading

Chandelier by Sia (Fill In)

So honestly I am not feeling 100% today and I am really bad so do not write things far enough ahead of time. Instead I am going to share a music video and song that I recently discovered that I am enthralled with. Chandelier by Sia is fantastic and the music video is even better. I cannot specifically describe what I love about it it is just a feeling. The part of the music video is that they found a young girl who is amazing in my personal opinion. So sorry for the short post, but here is Chandelier by Sia.