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A few thoughts on A-Force

I had been kind of wanting to read one of the Secret Wars titles this summer, but couldn’t really decide which one. There’s certainly one that’s been getting the most press, however, and I decided to give that a read: A-Force by G. Willow Wilson and others. That would be G. Willow Wilson of Ms. Marvel fame.

A-Force Assemble

When I say press, I should mention I’m specifically thinking of an op-ed that ended up in the New Yorker about the comic, and then Wilson’s response. I read these first before A-Force, then again after… It’s enough to make me shake my head. Here, links:

Why Marvel’s Female Superheroes Look Like Porn Stars – The New Yorker

G. Willow Wilson on Tumblr

The A-Force Action Continues

The last is an interview with Wilson about the fact that A-Force is going to be continuing, after Secret Wars. Which is interesting, but I don’t think changes much of the initial conversation about this title. Which is to say, it’s a 5 issue title, as part of a giant crossover event affecting every Marvel comic title, character, and universe… and it’s all functioning as a giant “what if?” So of course, that’s how it was taken, right?

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Female Characters and Superhero Comics – and the new volume of X-Men

X-Men #1As I deviously worked on getting Holly into comics books, and in watching the recent super hero movies, and just generally around this genre, the topic has come up – where are the female characters?

For instance, in talking about The Avengers – and the Bechdel Test, something Joss Whedon tends to pass – it doesn’t pass the test. And other than Maria Hill and Black Widow – both of whom were amazing – what other female characters were there to add? In particular, who aren’t mutants, since they aren’t mixing those two worlds (mostly due to movie rights). Yet Black Widow might be the coolest hero in the Avengers… except maybe for the Hulk.

More recently, the talk has been around the Marvel NOW reboot of the title X-Men, which has a full female cast of heroes. So far, they are two comics into this title, but that is enough for some solid first impressions.

Alright, so this is I suppose going to be a bit of a whirlwind tour: Where are the female characters in the comics world? Are they good or unique characters? And how is the all-female line-up of X-Men working out? Continue reading