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Crossing Story Medium

The Animatrix - an example I thought of but didn't work into the post otherwise.

The Animatrix – an example I thought of but didn’t work into the post otherwise.

More and more it seems that stories are crossing from one medium to another. This is done either by telling the same story in a different medium or continuing the story in a new medium. It is interesting when the story creators decide to take the story to a different medium to tell it.

Now recently there have obviously been a lot of comic book stories, and books have been translated to TV shows and movies. At the same time TV shows and books have also been translated to graphic novels. Recently I think there has been an increase in this happening. I don’t know if this stems from a simple desire for more revenue streams or as a way to introduce the story to a wider audience.

The big thing is that there are a couple of different ways that this medium crossing occurs. One of the first things that kind of has to be decided though is what is the core or main story and which medium does that story exist in. Then you can tell what the cross points and off shoots are and pinpoint how they connect.

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You Can’t Take the Sky from Me! – The Nine Alignments of Firefly

Happy 4th of July weekend, happy Independence Day! If you set the holiday in space, it would probably be like Firefly – you can’t take the sky from me! So in the name of freedom, here are the nine alignments of Firefly (and Serenity) as requested by you, the readers!

The Nine Alignments of Firefly

Science Fiction Today – Immunization

IVaccines and immunizations are a huge topic in today’s world and extremely controversial, which is part of the reason that looking at where science fiction goes with immunizations is so much more interesting. There are so many facets with where immunizations go in science fiction stories. For some stories it is not brought up at all because the hows of a healthy society just do not come up. In some stories we end up with miracle technology that somehow solves all illnesses. People end up scanning themselves every once in a while and the technology has a way to just remove the disease or get rid of the problem.

The other part that often comes up is forced or coercive immunization. Where the government or some entity in power decides that immunization is the best option for society, but feeling that the only way to guarantee that it happens is to either force the issue or do it in a way that people do not know about it.

Technological Miracle

In many science fiction stories their seems to be a miracle technology that solves all or at least most problems. If you look at Star Trek there are so many common diseases that just do not seem to be around anymore because they seem to be able to solve most known diseases pretty quickly. Then you have Elysium where the rich people have access to a body scanning machine that finds what ails you and solves the problem.

Now these two stories show the two different uses for this sort of technology. One is that it is available to all and society can live longer because of these advancement. The other option is that the technology is only available to those who can afford it, furthering the divide because suddenly the rich can stay healthy and the poor fight for the scraps.

Forced Immunization

The other option is that we force immunizations onto people because it is believed that it is for the betterment of society. The situation that really comes to mind is Serenity, where it was not about disease, but actually for how society behaves.

At the same time it shows an example of how forced immunization could function. If it was something that could be pumped into the air or put into the water supply would a government or agency go that far? In Serenity it obviously goes very wrong and forcing it on everyone does not work because for some people it would cause complications.

Immunizations are such a complicated topic because of the perceived risks and benefits to not just individuals, but to society as a whole.

This post is part of the April A to Z Challenge, and also part of our occasional series on Science Fiction Today. You can read an explanation of both here. We are striving to keep these posts short, and know that we have not covered every example or angle – plenty of room for discussion!

Firefly: The Game – First Impressions

Firefly The GameWe recently got the anticipated and kick-started game, Firefly: The Game. We got a chance to play it a couple of times, and I thought I would report on some of our impressions. It seems this can be a fairly long game; we finally had to call our first game after two days of trying to finish it, over six hours. I think we were close to the end…

In terms of gameplay, someone remarked that it plays like Munchkin: you collect gear, upgrades, and helpers, to kick in the door, or do missions you have selected. Strategically, the game reminds me of Dominion. You spend the early majority of the game building up your deck – or in this case, ship, crew, and gear – and then at the end, everyone begins a race to get the victory conditions. Going too soon can lead to failure, and put you behind.

However, the thing that this game is most referential to is Firefly itself. Between all the various elements of the game, they invoke not only nostalgia for the show, but the feel of the show. The rules, the activities you undertake – they make it feel like you are doing the same thing Mal and his crew were doing, with the same difficulties. Unfortunately, this can be frustrating, as you deal with having to pay your crew while undertaking jobs, or when your engine gives out in the middle of Alliance space, with an Alliance Cruiser hot on your tail. Continue reading

Joss Whedon and the Golden Age

Alright, so I have to say: I think we are entering into a Golden Age of creativity in our world today. A world where we are running into new technologies, new ways of doing entertainment, new ways of approaching storytelling. A world where there is so much quantity, but we still value the quality so much.

I submit to you that this, the world we are moving into, the Day and Age, the Zeitgeist – for the geeks, the barometer of this has to be the success of Joss Whedon.

The shirt is from pvponline.com, but it's all over the Internet by now...

The shirt is from pvponline.com, but it’s all over the Internet by now…

A man who, constantly, has been shut down by the establishment. And who, when given the chance, creates the most beloved pieces of geekdom being produced today, outside of perhaps Doctor Who. Perhaps.

So join me for a few moments to consider where Joss Whedon has been, and where he has gotten to now, director of one of the highest grossing movies ever made.

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