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Resident Evil, a Re-watch

Often when I am cooking I like to watch either a show or movie that I do not have to fully pay attention to. This can either due to it being incredibly predictable or more likely because I have seen it before. I need to make a couple of dips for a gathering that I am going to tomorrow so David and I decided to put on Resident Evil. I have caught bits and pieces of it on tv every once in a while, but I had not watched it all the way through in a while. It still is a fun movie to watch, with a pretty decent plot, while still be very much a zombie movie.

The first movie has a quality that the others don’t and some of that is mystery. When we watch the first Resident Evil we do not know what is happening and the movie opens with a lot of mayhem happening with a lot of people dying. They build to the truth of what is happening and really do a great job of it. So here are some of my impressions from re-watching Resident Evil. Continue reading