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I’m Sick, so have a random YouTube Find

Yeah, not doing great, which seems to be a common thing around our house… yay other children, interaction with the public, and all the other possible sources? I wanted to make sure to still post something today, so! here’s a video that was suggested to us on the YouTube home page that we had missed the first time around. We’ve been talking about Star Wars a lot lately, so this was a lot of fun to watch!

Bonus video: I remember this one, but it’s still good.


Book Review: Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

Recently I have been using my local library’s digital catalog to rent audiobooks (like David did). I needed a new book to listen to so I went to the “Available Now” section and found Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please as read by Amy Poehler.

From the very first chapter I am in love with her. Amy Poehler’s sense of humor is hilarious and the way she looks at her life is amazing. Amy talks about her family life, getting into comedy, being on SNL, and more.

The other great thing is that she gets amazing guest stars including both of her parents to help read parts of the book. After listening to the audiobook version I almost feel as though that is the way to enjoy the book because hearing her read it and get guest stars to read sections is such joy.

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