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The Xena Reboot and Bisexual Erasure

Author’s Note 3-25-16: This is my personal reaction to the speculation surrounding the news that a Xena pilot has been ordered for a reboot. Obviously the world of TV is ever-changing, and this is all very early conjecture.

It’s funny that this news came out last week because I’ve recently been trying to re-watch the original Xena these last few weeks on Netflix. So far it’s been slow going; I have to watch it in bits and pieces because otherwise I feel overwhelmed by the ’90s and nostalgia for my childhood. I felt conflicted at first when I heard the news about the Xena reboot, but probably not for the reason a lot of other people are.

The producers have revealed that in the reboot, Xena will be an out and proud lesbian. This is huge and wonderful news, because a key relationship that was only ever sub-textually hinted at in the original will now be a main focus of the reboot. For a mainstream network (rumors are saying the pilot is being put on by NBC) this is a huge leap forward. I’m happy, and definitely want to see what a 2016 Xena show could look like. Better graphics, better writing, there’s so many possibilities for improvement.

But I’m also a little disappointed. In re-watching the show, my honest opinion is that Xena is bisexual. I’m sure a lot of that comes from the fact that they had to show relationships with men to draw a more mainstream crowd in the ’90s, and they couldn’t do more than hint at a relationship with Gabrielle. The fact that they felt that they had to choose only between two options for the reboot, though, is part of a bigger problem with bisexual erasure in our culture.

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Building Towards Legends of Tomorrow

As someone who watches both Flash and Arrow I am super excited for Legends of Tomorow. When I first heard that they were doing a spinoff I was extremely curious. Then the first preview came out and I really hope they pull it off because they are fully committing to time travel in the show.

Obviously with us knowing the show was coming and with the advertising we knew who was going to end up on the show, but by the end of the previous seasons of Flash and Arrow I was not sure how they were going to gather all the necessary characters with where they had left off with them. In particular some of them were presumed – or known – to be dead. This season they have done a fantastic job of slowly bringing those characters back to their current shows and giving us an idea of why and how they will end up joined together on Legends of Tomorrow.

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