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Thoughts on Exclusives

Recently the trailer that was shown at Comic Con for Suicide Squad got leaked on to the Internet and then shortly afterward got officially released. The only reason that it got officially released is because the WB did not want the shaky phone cam footage of the trailer to represent the film. They actually went so far as to admonish any fan who posted or shared the footage as it was illegal and they wanted to create a special or exclusive experience for the Comic Con attendees.

Exclusives can be great incentives for people to buy or attend something, but can some exclusives be either elitist or seem counter intuitive? A lot of times video games have exclusive content based on the console the game is on, which awards people who own that console. Other people still get to play the game, even if they miss out on that one piece. It is the same thing for exclusives during pre-orders that those who are willing to put down their money early can get extra features, but anyone can buy the game later and play the same game. These are very different types of exclusives than showing a trailer only at a convention and it makes me wonder if they really do anything. 

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Documentary: Comic Con Episode IV A Fan’s Hope

This weekend David and I watched the documentary Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope and it was really good. It gave an interesting look at the various types of people who come to comic con. As well as interviews with various creators who love San Diego Comic Con and some of whom have gone every year since they started. In the end they followed six individuals stories of going to comic con. They had a couple of people trying to break into the comic industry, a comic book seller, a costume designer, a couple who met at comic con, and a collector. These are all people who come to the San Diego comic con for different reasons and shows a different part of what the con has been about and is about. Continue reading

I Am a Con Virgin

I don’t know if some people will take away my geek cred for this, but I have never been to a con. I have thought about going on many an occasion thinking just how awesome it would be to go to a panel about the shows I love and talk to the creators of said show. The problem is every time I truly think about it the thought of the crowds and the lines send me into a bit of a panic.

When I was younger I don’t think crowds bothered me as much, but I have gotten older I have become the person that you see who is moving faster than everyone else darting in and out of different traffic patterns just to get to a spot where I have at least a foot of space in any direction. Now you want to experience a live action video game, try darting through the crowds at Disneyland in Main Street before or after the parade; now that takes skill, but I digress. Continue reading