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Trollhunters on NetFlix

Netflix is on a roll for shows that David and I like. Recently I started watching one of their new shows Trollhunters and so far I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is great because instead of taking human lore they turn it on its head a little bit and the lore is actually about the trolls. The troll hunter is actually traditionally a troll who hunts bad trolls. Then through a series of events it ends up being a human teenager, Jim Lake Jr. (played by Anton Yelchin), who happened to find the troll hunter amulet. Then we get to dive with him into this secret hidden underground world where trolls, gnomes, shapeshifters and more exist. At the same time he is also figuring out how to get through high school and not let his mom and others find out about the whole other life. It is a fun time and I highly recommend the show.

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The Book of Life

If you have not seen the animated movie The Book of Life I would highly recommend it. This movie came to theaters November of last year, which makes sense because it deals a lot with the Day of the Dead. The story could come across a little bit typical with two boys (Joaquin and Manolo) fighting over the love of a girl (Maria). What is great is that there are elements that they added to the story to make it more than just a love triangle.

For one thing the animation is computer generated, but they chose to make all the characters look like wooden figurines. This just creates a different look than I have seen before in an animated movie like this. Another element is the use of music throughout the story, which is a mix of popular songs and original music. Music is a big part of the story overall as well, so the use of music is very important. The final thing that I actually really like about this movie is the character of Maria herself. She has her own story and personality, even though others try to use her or tame her she has her own mind. Continue reading