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Marvel Movie Casting – Thoughts from IMDb

Recently I gave you my thoughts about a Doctor Strange movie – a movie which just doesn’t fit in with the current Marvel cosmology. Then again, there are things that I wouldn’t expect that seem to be working their way into the movies now, so who knows!

I’ve been looking at the Marvel movies on IMDb, which might be a bad idea, and might be a whole lot of spoilers. However, this also paints an interesting picture of the upcoming films, specifically of the characters that are going to be in them.

Also, it leaves a number of characters on the table to – like Doctor Strange – maybe end up in Agents of SHIELD one day? A number of characters, like the Guardians of the Galaxy, need a large budget for the CG to make them. Some characters, however, are more human or exist on Earth, and could make it easily onto the show. After all, Coulson’s mission is to find heroes, so Whedon shouldn’t have to invent all of the heroes new, right?

So, spoilers to follow, some of which I probably don’t even understand for what they are myself!

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You Keep What You Kill – A Character Study of Riddick

Riddick. One of the most quintessentially badass characters in recent years. A character who has been through what is effectively a horror movie, in Pitch Black, to a space opera science fiction story in Chronicles of Riddick, and snapping back closer to horror in Riddick.

Not necessarily the villain of these tales. Also not necessarily the hero.

So we went to see Riddick this weekend, and it got me thinking about the character of Riddick. Because he isn’t the leading sort of man, and yet he ends up the object of the plots, despite himself. Wanted by bounty hunters and mercs, part of a prophecy which he fulfills just to escape it… what makes him so fascinating?

I’ll try to keep spoilers for Riddick minimal, so read on!

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I know some people probably look at this movie and just think of it as trash, but I am super excited for Riddick. Part of my excitement is that the movie is getting back to what was awesome about Pitch Black. The monsters in the dark and having to choose what is the worse monster to have to face; Riddick  or the creatures tearing you limb from limb. Now this is not to say that I did not love Chronicles of Riddick, but where these movies work best is in the amazing fight sequences and just watching Riddick be bad ass. This new movie looks like just that. More bounty hunters coming after Riddick, but in the end they need him to survive.