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Merry Mythical Christmas!

We have been enjoying Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link lately. It’s daily. It’s ridiculous. It’s fun. It’s occasionally painful to watch…

They’ve had a fun couple of days for Christmas.

Yesterday they had some of our old SourceFed favorites on! And weren’t as ridiculous as they could have been…

However, the one for Christmas itself… Will it Eggnog?

Turns out most things will not Eggnog. Yikes.

It’s about time to see if the Geek Baby wants to open some presents – Merry Christmas!


The Question That No One Asked: Answered.

This morning, we watched a video that just… it was painful. It was gross. It was excellent Internet television. Their escalation is excellent, from awful to so awful.

Not for the weak of stomach: Rhett and Link answer the question, Will it Smoothie?


You Should Watch This Video

If you’ve been traveling recently, or will be traveling soon over the holidays, or generally take vacations, you should watch this video. It was our mantra that kept us going on vacation. Thank you, Rhett & Link.

Geek Vs. Nerd – Via Rap Battle!

As a blog with “geek” in the title, we are interested and sensitive to the definition of the word “geek.” This was, in fact, the focus of one of our very first blog posts. We also paid a lot of attention to this when the show King of the Nerds was on the air. We’ve even had guest posts exploring some of these ideas. And many other things; like, say, the whole entire blog.

The most common word that exists in relation to Geek is Nerd. These two concepts, groups, identities, definitions, what have you – these two are very similar but, especially once people identify with them, or have a definition that makes sense to them, become very different. But how do we define these terms?

Well, there is a new set of definitions out there, or maybe the old ones in a new, fun form. Geek versus Nerd – in a Rap Battle. Maybe not what you’d expect to see! But there we go, Geeks and Nerds continue to surprise us. Read on to see this video, and more!

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