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A to Z Challenge Reflection 2015


This was our second year doing the A to Z Challenge. Last year, it easily worked within our existing posting schedule, as we were posting like that already – a post a day, 6 days a week. Since then, we decreased our schedule – we post now Monday-Thursday, with a shorter “fun” post on Friday. We’re back to that schedule now – but it meant more writing for us in April!

We also successfully wrote all of the posts in advance (of their posting date at least), and that was really nice. We might just try to keep that up… we’ll see how that goes.

Last year we went with one of our existing themes – Character Studies. That was a lot of fun, and got people talking. This year was also an existing theme, Science Fiction Today – and it got people talking in a whole different way. There were some really great examples people gave, and some really great, heavy-duty discussions. If you are interested in science fiction, politics, or the idea of the world as a better place… check out the posts you haven’t read from our challenge this year! Oh, and definitely also the comments.

One thing I learned this year is that the first few days are the biggest. I wrote the first post for Sourcerer, and it was huge – as was the “B” post the next day. I recently got more likes for that one, it just keeps going! The “A” post here was an intimidating topic, so hopefully we didn’t scare too many people away. However, it also showed that we weren’t shying away from topics… and hopefully it was well done. People seemed to react positively to it, and had some good ideas in the comments.

Speaking of us doing guest posts, though, we did! Holly and I did guest A to Z posts on Sourcerer and Part-Time Monster, so we did more than the 13 apiece here! Here’s links to all our guest posts from the challenge:

Met some great bloggers along the way, I’m thinking we may need to share them sometime in the coming months through some awards that we have pending to receive! However, I would say that more than meeting new people, we’ve deepened the bond with a number of closer blogging friends, nearly all of whom did A to Z this year – and we were running into each other all over the Internet for a month! Hi, all! *waves*

Oh, and one last thing… if you’re looking for more A to Z fun, check out the party over on Victim to Charm… the idea is, people shared their favorite posts from the challenge – lots of posts to check out in the comments there!


Resident Evil, a Re-watch

Often when I am cooking I like to watch either a show or movie that I do not have to fully pay attention to. This can either due to it being incredibly predictable or more likely because I have seen it before. I need to make a couple of dips for a gathering that I am going to tomorrow so David and I decided to put on Resident Evil. I have caught bits and pieces of it on tv every once in a while, but I had not watched it all the way through in a while. It still is a fun movie to watch, with a pretty decent plot, while still be very much a zombie movie.

The first movie has a quality that the others don’t and some of that is mystery. When we watch the first Resident Evil we do not know what is happening and the movie opens with a lot of mayhem happening with a lot of people dying. They build to the truth of what is happening and really do a great job of it. So here are some of my impressions from re-watching Resident Evil. Continue reading