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How Close Are We To Total Gaming Immersion?

I want a holodeck.  I’ve always wanted to experience my favorite games as vividly as real life.  Whether casting deadly spells or piloting a space fighter I want to feel the crackle of spell power in my hands or the boosters ignite as I race through an asteroid field.

Ready PBut how close are we really to something like Ready Player One (if you have not already you must read through this satisfying tale of futuristic game immersion and homage to vintage gaming…seriously buy the kindle version now…I can wait).

What may have you hesitating to get too excited is the slow and painfully absent progress of new age Virtual Reality (VR). But there is hope my fellow gamers.  The convergence of several promising projects, a few of which have big backing, bring us closer than ever to the event horizon – the moment we reach the possibility of fully living in the dreams of our own creation. Continue reading

Best of 2013

Yesterday Holly posted her best of for 2013, and today it’s mine! There were some tough choices, and some easier ones. We’re trying to mainly stick to things new in 2013, but really, we’re focused on new to us. Most of this is from 2013, though!

We selected a few major categories: Movies, TV Shows, YouTube Channel, Book, Comic or Graphic Novel, Music, Video Game (here we divided into single-player and multi-player), and Board Game. Most of these things we’ve also written posts on, as you might imagine!

We’ve run this blog almost a year now, so we’ve been thinking and writing about this stuff all year, and it’s nice to reflect back on it. Let me know what you think of my choices in the comments below!

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Science Fiction Today – Geek Culture and Consumerism

I had been trying to figure out how to talk about a question that had been bugging me lately. The question: Is geek culture just a culture of consumerism?

Then I saw this video, as Felicia Day introduces Geek and Sundry season 2. And she helped frame it a bit.

We are more than what we consume, more than what is advertised to us, more than physical things made. But we do still consume culture… so I suppose a couple of things.

  • What is consumerism?
  • What does geek culture consume?
  • What might this consumption look like in the future?
  • What are some pitfalls that this future has?

So, let’s take this idea, and take it into the future: Geek Culture and Consumerism!

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Science Fiction Today – Federal Budget Cuts and Transportation

So, there are topics that are perhaps a little harder to talk about in nerd and geek circles. We thrive on our shared fandoms, thrive on sharing our favorite shows, movies, and games with each other… Loan each other books, DVDs… Get into multiplayer games – or especially MMOs – to play them together…

However, on Comparative Geeks, we feel strongly about a couple of areas that are outside of these realms, and we will occasionally talk about them as well. So today, I wanted to start us talking a bit about political issues.

Now, in terms of politics, we aim to avoid taking a confrontational approach. Rather than join in the partisan politics of the day – which we feel like is much of the reason that politics is avoided in polite discussion – we would rather look at politics in a science fictional way.

After all, we’re all embroiled today in partisan battles of this should or should not be law; or, we should fund this, not that. Tax this but not that. War here, but not there. If you take a little further view of things, however, and think just a little in terms of science fiction, a lot of today’s problems disappear – or grow much worse.

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