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Arrow vs. Agents of SHIELD

We’ve been catching up on Arrow and Agents of SHIELD. And there are some interesting comparisons between the two. To be expected, I suppose, given they are both TV shows from comic universes.

In particular, season 2 of Arrow is matching up interestingly to season 1 of Agents of SHIELD. The world by this point has been laid out in both cases, either in the Marvel Phase 1 movies, or else in Arrow season 1. So they’re not dealing with an origin anymore – they’re expanding on the world, working with their heroes, creating the larger world of villains.

So I will look at a strong similarity, a strong difference, and then a similar potential they both have – to tie in to their larger comic universes. Spoilers to follow for Arrow and Agents of SHIELD!

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Arrow Season 2 – Catching Up!

We realized we haven’t talked much about Arrow here on Comparative Geeks. And maybe it’s because Marvel seems to own so much of our time, or because we marathoned through much of season 1… or because we only just started getting caught up on season 2 (thanks, Hulu!). And I haven’t read any Green Arrow comics. Nothing to compare.

No, this show stands alone. Not tying in to the DC movies, not needing to rely on the comics. I don’t even think I watch another show on the CW. Yet, this show does not need these other things – because it’s one of the better shows on TV right now.

And as we started getting caught up on season 2, we’re finding that in many ways the show is getting better, not worse. The first season ended feeling like it might have worked through a lot of their direction, or like the feel might change… but they’ve kept things moving forward. Kept characters developing, started introducing new ones. So here are a few of my thoughts about Arrow season 2! With a few spoilers!

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