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Revisiting Old Friends

With the movie for Ender’s Game coming out here in a few days I have been rereading the book. I remember loving the book the first and only time I read it, enough that I read that entire half of the series (I still need to read the Shadow series). Picking it up again I immediately was reminded about how good the book was. From the very beginning I do not want to put the book down. I keep sneaking in moments to read it when I can because even though I know what happens the journey they paint in the book is so well done. I know people are very against Orson Scott Card right now, but this book is good and I appreciate the details put into it. 

The big thing that this has reminded me of are those books, games, movies, TV shows that we either grew up with or it has just been a while since we have engaged with them and suddenly we just decide to pick it up and it is like an old friend. Most of the time we are reminded of how great it was and then other times we look at it and the seams are showing a bit more than we remember. At the same time re-experiencing those moments make us tap in to the original emotions that we felt when experiencing them for the first time. Continue reading

My Cartoon Childhood

I think most people have certain movies they watched growing up that will always have a special place. I grew up watching Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Labyrinth, Princess Bride, etc. The other side is people also often have cartoons that hold a special place for them. Now my list is not the saturday morning cartoons, but more feature length cartoon movies that I remember watching growing up. I think only one of these do I actually own, but would probably buy all of them on DVD if they became available.

So here is my list of animated movies from my childhood. (Gummi Bears is an honorable mention, not the same level as the ones listed, but I still remember them fondly) Continue reading