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Science Fiction versus Fantasy

I have given a definition of both Science Fiction and Fantasy before, and I love both, so I care. If you look back at our Liebster Award nomination, I said that one of the more important things to me is Science Fiction being taken seriously. And I think I would happily include Fantasy in that as well. There are a lot of other causes out there, and things to be done – I’ve talked about Geeks and Charity as well – but the discussion about Science Fiction, and its place in thought, in learning, in the classroom… That seems like something I can influence a bit, right?

So recently we listened to George R.R. Martin on the Nerdist Podcast. And first off, if you like George R.R. Martin, it was a lot of fun. It was right after he destroyed the guitar (which we talked about before) at Comic Con. He talks Game of Thrones, and conventions, and writing, and, to the point here and now, he talks Science Fiction and Fantasy.

If part of the reason I like the quotes from Frank Herbert and J.R.R. Tolkien is because they are the fathers of the genres. However, George R.R. Martin is something of a current crown prince, or some other metaphor, in Fantasy. So what does he add to my thought? And where do we draw the lines?

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10 Daunting Book Series

After Holly’s recent post about 5 books she has not read but feels like she should, I thought I would do a similar sort of post – but while I have been working on trying to get through many of the stand-alone classics of science fiction, or at least a book or two by the big name authors, something still stops me.

The Big Series.

A Song of Ice and Fire

Yep, those have seen some wear. What’s that, you say? Missing the last book? Nope, got it on Kindle. A good place for 1000 page books.

A couple of them I have read, not realizing quite what I was getting into when I started. Like Game of Thrones, and the Dark Tower. I shied away from anime in high school, and really should probably be more careful of comics now, because I can get so easily sucked into series. And read the entirety of them, often at the expense of other things.

So here I give a list of ten daunting book series, in no particular order, which I have read various amounts of – and much of which I, too, have sitting on my shelves waiting for me to consider and start. I will also talk about where one might start with these series. Continue reading