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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Early on I read and fell in love with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The opening lines so perfectly took the words of Jane Austen and added zombies it was just perfect ridiculousness. Reading the book I was so excited to see how they brought together the story of the Bennet sister’s and added their prowess for fighting zombies. It was amazing to think about the fact that it was not about the guys fighting, but making part of being a refined woman not only about sewing, drawing, music, but also about the deadly arts. Now recently the movie came out and I was super excited to see it because I hoped that they could capture some of the same essence that the book had. Now this is not a direct comparison because it has been so long since I read the book. At the same time there were definitely some things about each that I liked. Continue reading

No LitFlix 2016… Sort Of

Basically with Geek Baby here the likelihood of actually making it to the movies as much as we would need to to be able to do LitFlix as we have been doing them is just not going to happen. The other issue is that when we do the LitFlix it ends up being almost all we read for the year, which is getting a little bit old. So instead we are going to change up how we might still do LitFlix, but not as a regularly scheduled program. We have really enjoyed doing LitFlix and want to continue it some way we just recognize that it cannot continue in its current form. Here are some ideas of what we might do with it.

LitFlix of Older Movies

One thought that David and I have had is that we could go back and do LitFlix for some older movies. By doing older movies we would not be tied to a specific movie release schedule and it would just be based on what movies we could find. If we did this we would probably not do as many as we have done in years past, but we could probably still do a few. Especially if we look at watching some movies of books we have already read.

Already Read the Book – Watch the Movie!

Now this would be a super easy thing that we could explore doing because if we have already read the book then all we would need to do is watch the movie. Now there are a couple of movies that are coming out that this might happen. One of these examples is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which I am personally super excited about, because the book is absolutely fantastic. If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend it.

Book Club

Another thing that we have considered exploring is actually doing the LitFlix as part of some sort of book club. Now this option is one that probably would not look at until we had our own hosted site where we could do something like a forum for the book club, but seems like a viable option. It would be one where we could introduce a book that has a corresponding movie that is already out and then plan a time to start a discussion around it. We would have to really see how it works, but it would be great to have more of a place to have a discussion instead of necessarily just have our opinion on it available.

We Will See

The big thing is that the LitFlix as we have done them is going away. We are probably going to try some different options to see what works. There are options that would work better when we are hosting our blog ourselves, but again we will just have to wait and see. What would you like to see or be interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

What Holly is Excited for in 2016

New Year’s Eve has come and gone and we have officially entered in to 2016. Now we are not New Year’s resolutions sort of people, but as we enter in to a new year it is fun to reflect on what things that are coming up this year to be excited about. Some of them are new things and others are things that we actually get to enjoy this year. So here are a few things that I am excited for in 2016. Continue reading

Reworking Classics and Fairy Tales

So my thoughts about this are probably a little old, but there has definitely been an increase I feel like in reworking of classic stories and / or fairy tales. This is obviously nothing new as you could even say that Disney has reworked a lot of fairy tales because they definitely try and make the stories a lot happier than they really are. Recently though I feel like there have been a lot of stories that have been completely changed around, telling from a different perspective, and / or adding completely different elements to the stories.

One reason that I find this interesting is that we so often complain about the fact that there is no longer original content, that we are remaking so many things, and yet this increase of reworking classics has been pretty popular. So there are a couple ways I could talk about this, but here are a few of my favorite reworked stories. Continue reading