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Meme Monday – Covfefe


It’s funny, after a certain point, one of the most common things people were saying was that this cultural moment had already ended. Honestly, that moment had almost come by the time we woke up that morning… This one hit fast, and hit hard, and was all over the Internet. Usually, when you say “meme” you have an image with some text over it in mind (an image macro), but a meme has more to do with being a cultural artifact that we carry on – and I think that convfefe will be just that.

Because as Anderson Cooper notes towards the end: remember how we all still know that Dan Quayle screwed up spelling “potato?”

But still… what does it mean? Is it a substance – I’ve seen coffee suggested a lot. Is it something else?

Is it a proper noun?…

But I’m not sure about that. Although name makes sense, since pretty much any combination of letters work for a name – meanwhile, covfefe is amazing in that it doesn’t seem to have turned out to be a word in any language…

At least, it wasn’t before the president made it a matter of permanent public record…

I mean, it was a tough day to be the dictionary.

However, there’s a visual place that exists between language and understanding: Ikea. Maybe it’s from them?

But it’s probably just a mess up, right? Maybe accidental, maybe deliberate…

I’m sorry, what was that word?

We can hope that it was nothing, right? That all is well otherwise, that this is a meme and a laugh. Because otherwise:

Happy Presidents’ Day from Comparative Geeks!

Since everyone seems to be talking about presidents a lot lately, it seemed appropriate to celebrate Presidents’ Day today! Or at least to take it as a day of rest. Holly and David are both off work, so hopefully you’re able to spend some time with family and friends as well!

Meanwhile, have some Hamilton!


This Is The World That We Live In

Hello all, and welcome to Inauguration Day 2017. It seemed like a day to just take a moment.

We tend to talk politics in a geeky manner on the site, generally thinking in terms of the future, of science fiction, of what could be rather than solely of that which is currently. Because there’s plenty of things about the world as it is now that people want to see change. In fact, probably just about everything in the world has someone wanting it to change. So it goes.

The future is now.

This is the world that we live in.

The official music video for that one is kind of artsy but it was also distracting, but here’s the link to that. I’m focusing on the lyrics. This came up randomly on my playlist Inauguration Eve and the lyrics hit me in a new way. They feel descriptive of the present. And you know what? Not sure if I’ve quit this day and age. Give it a listen. A song for our times.

As far as post-mortems go, I know everyone has been trying to come up with one. The most recent I’ve read is this one (https://hbr.org/2017/01/how-the-attacks-on-trump-reinforce-his-strategy), and it’s a pretty good one. The politically incorrect candidate won by being the only person in that category, and the best in that category. Because as I said, everyone has something they want to see change, and when “business as usual” usually fails, well, at some point something else gets tried. We are living in those times.

I guess it’s the world that we live in…

My Favorite Fictional Presidents / Leaders

With the just generally depressing outlook that seems to be coming out of this election I thought I would take a small break and take a look at some of the fictional Presidents / Leaders that we have seen over the years. In particular I want to look at some of my favorite fictional leaders, most of which I have seen on the small and big screen. Now this list does not necessarily have to do with policy, but is more about how confident they made me feel that they were a successful President. This also is not exclusive to the United States, but includes anyone who is the Leader of a large diverse nation, state, or group that is on scale with the president.

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Checking in with Alternate Davids

freedom-intensifiesHi all, today ought to be a post for the Astral Chronicles, but I wasn’t far enough ahead, and the Election still looms large.

Here at Comparative Geeks, we often talk about the present and the world in geeky terms, so I figured this should be no different. So let’s take a break from present-day¬†David, from me (and my webcomicing ways), and let’s check in with some possible alternate Davids. The mes I could have been.

The most obvious alternate me is the starving artist me, the one who out of college tried to start a writing career – the one I suppose in some ways I am still trying to be, just the long way around. You know, without the starving.

This me was likely an ex-pat for a while (I was basically adopted by my friends while in England), but that didn’t work out long term. That me is thoroughly troubled by the Brexit vote, and probably gets most of his news from the BBC.

This David was probably a Bernie supporter (at least, based on who this David’s best friend is). Meaning this David has been upset for a while, so maybe he would be pretty even keel right now.

I also hope that this David would approve of the webcomic, not gonna lie… I’m not sure this David would have gotten back into comics, though he would have kept reading webcomics. But I’m not sure he would be creating one – he would be working on novels.

Oh, and he would be totally cool with the idea of alternate reality mes… probably would have tried writing about alternate realities.

Then there’s the alternate reality David that kept studying history. If one of my peers in that is any measure, I would only just have started as a professor this fall. That feels like a really tenuous position, and one in which I would not feel like going out on a limb politically… But it’s also a David who would be all over the historical parallels playing out in the nation right now.

It also probably means I wouldn’t have started much writing yet, nor potentially a family (or at least kids). This David would probably be really annoyed that now – when the rest of his life was supposed to get started – there was so much uncertainty about the future.

There’s even the alternate reality David that had considered being a pastor.¬†When that David told his pastor and associate pastor, they laughed in his face, so it was a short-lived possible future… still, it’s one I’ve thought of.

I wonder, as a pastor, how this David would be reacting to what’s going on. To the anger and fear and hate. To the parishioners whose candidate won; to the parishioners whose candidates lost. Maybe I’ve been wondering this because I kind of want to go talk to my pastor and see what he would say (especially since he’s also a history teacher).

This David would have led the most different life from what I’ve lived now, and that makes it the¬†hardest to guess about this David. Potentially just apolitical. Either way, there would be a lot of emotions that would be riding high that would need some pastoral help!

And finally, back to me again. It’s probably easy to say that the defining attribute in my life, in me turning out this way, and decisions made, is meeting and forming a relationship (and a life) with Holly. It’s a good life. I’m writing and storytelling (though again, not today, sorry). We have a wonderful little Geek¬†Baby Toddler. Might even find myself in a tenure faculty position soon.

As to a reaction to the election, I think it would fit with this post to say I’m feeling a bit fractured. To help explain, though, allow me to perhaps share this that I’ve seen floating around the Internet:


This is the supposed “if only Millennials voted” Electoral College map. Which in a lot of ways, helps me understand something about the echo chamber I’ve been agonizing about, and feeling like maybe I’m sheltering myself, or experiencing confirmation bias, or something. And on a macro level, yeah, maybe I am experiencing all of that. Because my whole generation seems to be of a like mind to some extent. Certainly in their shock and reaction after the election.

And I’m flickering between¬†all these other possible mes, the outsider, the alarmist, the reconciler… and I’m here, somewhere between all those states. Maybe you are too. There’s a lot of ways our lives can go, but for the here and now, this is the world we have.