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I Can’t Even With Today

So today is one of those days that I just look at the world and go “really, I mean really!!” Early in the morning I got to see all the Facebook posts about the CDC deciding that they needed to make new policies to combat fetal alcohol syndrome. I fully appreciate that this is a serious health issue that can happen to a baby and can be prevented, at the same time there is taking things too far. In a lot of ways the policy reduces every woman down to whether she could potentially get pregnant or not.

Now that is just one ridiculous moment brought to us by a government agency. Then on top of that I got to hear about the most ridiculous men’s rights group and how they are either trying to legitimately argue or satirically writing about how rape should become legal as a way to keep rape from happening. I mean, who could even begin to think that would work or that it is even something to write satire about? Thus: why I am just having a day where I can’t even.

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Pregnancy: Not the Magical World

I know it is not everyone, but I feel like there are women out there who talk about the joy of pregnancy or are constantly wondering why someone either has not had or would not want children.

Now I am (as of writing this) at the end of my pregnancy and just waiting for the baby to come. My pregnancy has not been horrendous, but in no way would I call it some joyful wonderful 9 months of my life. It has been a difficult journey and it is not one to enter into lightly. It is great if you had no complications and had the perfect time being pregnant. There must be people like that because I, right now, cannot even imagine doing this a second time, but who knows?

The big thing I think is that we talk about not sharing horror stories and I think that is true, but I also think we need to recognize that being pregnant is not as simple as some people make it out to be.

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