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“The Cage”: Star Trek’s Awesome Awful Pilot

Hey there Star Trek fans, and welcome to a new post series! I’ve started a massive watch/rewatch of all six Trek shows at one episode per day, and thanks to our generous admins here on Comparative Geeks, I’ll be posting about Star Trek every first Saturday. Perma-spoiler warning, and screenshots are my own.

Star Trek The Cage screenshot

If you go to Netflix to watch the original Star Trek, the first thing you see is not the successful pilot, and neither is it the first episode seen on television. It is instead Star Trek‘s first pilot, “The Cage,” with an almost entirely different cast and very different feel from the show that followed after it. Usually when people watch it, they make endless jokes about its inexplicable rejection in favor of the second version we know and love.

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What Makes a Good Pilot or First Episode?

I know I am late to the game, but I recently have started watching Leverage on Hulu and it was one of the better first episodes for a series that I have watched. It just had all the elements of a good pilot.

The thing is a good first episode can make or break a new series. There are certain elements that need to be present when you are just starting out with a series because you need to get people to want to watch more. Some times there is enough hype that people will stick with something even when it is not going so well aka Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but that is more of an exception than a rule.

I will sometimes give a show at least two episodes, but if there is nothing in the first episode to hook me than it is difficult to continue on. With Leverage, I have just kept on watching right from the first one! So what does it take to make a good first episode?

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