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PAX Controversy

So I know that PAX Controversy is a really generic title, but anything else I could think of ended up sounding a bit too much of a joke for something that is really a controversial topic. So if you do not know what Dickwolves are be grateful, and they will be explained further in some other articles I will be linking to. The basic concept is that Penny Arcade created a comic that used rape to look at the contradictory nature of questing in games such as World of Warcraft where you can only save a certain number and then you have to leave the rest to often horrible fates. There were a lot of people who felt that the use of rape and how it was portrayed was insulting to actual rape victims.

Now they could have just left it there, but as creators being attacked they got defensive that someone was making claims about what they meant. So they reacted and reacted in possibly the worst way you could react to something like this. It ended up enraging the other side of the issue and it ended up breaking down to both sides name calling, threatening, and generally moved past any sort of civilized debate on the issue. Escalating so far as having a Team Dickwolves shirt made for sale on the Penny Arcade  site, which was then removed weeks later. The issue eventually seemed to die down and then PAX happened this past week and Dickwolves got brought up again.  Continue reading

Follow-up – Diablo 3 Console

Diablo 3 ConsoleSo this evening, Holly and I were able to finally play Diablo 3 on our X-Box 360. It’s been a lot of fun, and in one evening we fought through to the Skeleton King – much like they did in the Penny Arcade preview video of Diablo 3 (http://youtu.be/Tb3QNOg13cM).

That means the gameplay and control was seamless during this time. It got us interacting with the world, our abilities, inventories, and working with each other. We were playing split-screen and it wasn’t a problem.

So I am going to highlight some of our points from playing so far, and how things work – and a few things that could work better. If you are considering Diablo 3 on the console, check it out, and feel free to ask us questions about how it plays!

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First Thoughts – Diablo 3 Console

Diablo 3 ConsoleI should first say that I haven’t actually gotten to play Diablo 3 yet for our X-Box 360. We have it, it’s downloaded, and we need some time actually at home to play. I have Diablo 3 on the computer, and I talked about my playthrough of this before. I had some concerns, about how the game seemed to be speeding towards the end-game.

With the console version out, my hope is to play this co-op, with Holly, and as I have learned things about it, I think this is actually really exciting. You see, my first experience with Diablo as a series was on the PlayStation, playing co-op with my dad. Diablo 3 for the console leads me to hope that there will be a lot of similarities. Let’s take a quick look at what they have going on with it! Continue reading

Current Webcomics and More

Yesterday, David discussed some webcomics that we love that completed their stories, which are still available and we highly recommend people read them. To continue on with the look at webcomics here is a list of some of the webcomics we are reading currently and even some that we are looking at reading. The part that is great about webcomics is that I read them in the morning as part of how I wake up. My alarm goes off, I check my e-mail, Facebook, and then check my webcomics. It is a great way to start your morning. So here we go, in no particular order, our webcomics. Continue reading

Reading Recommendation – Finished Webcomics: 8-Bit Theater, Dominic Deegan

In the variety of things we’ve geeked-out about, recommended, and discussed here on Comparative Geeks, we somehow have missed talking about webcomics!

For years, webcomics like Penny Arcade and PVP-Online have been a major face of geek culture. But while the commentary, and near-blog quality of these comics have talked about the culture, many others have functioned more like comics as well, with an ongoing story, and with little or less to do with real life.

The Storm of SoulsMany webcomics have been going strong for many years, and show no signs of stopping. Others come suddenly to an end, when the authors run out of ideas, or maybe failed to take off. It’s amazing, really, how many people can actually do this as a full-time job – though it is kind of like visual blogging, and plenty of people make a living blogging too.

What I’d like to do here, though, is recommend a couple of webcomics that are complete: finished stories, start-to-finish. One is Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire, by Mookie, and the other is 8-Bit Theater, by Brian Clevinger. I’ll try to avoid spoilers, and instead just give you a sense of both comics! Because I think both are well worth the read!

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