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Trollin’ all through Winter – Warmachine Wednesday

The first Northkin models should be out today! My pre-order should be on the way, so I’ll have some Bears soon, and maybe I’ll even get them built and painted at some point…

With us going on hiatus soon, I thought I would round out my thoughts for what I’ll be up to in the coming months around Warmachine. Get some thoughts out now while I can, right?

With the Nerd Baby on the way, I’m at least fooling myself into thinking maybe I’ll take some time during naps to do some painting. I usually have a “where do I get started?” problem with painting, but I even think I have that figured out: with the new Company of Iron game out, and using Warmachine figures, well… that’s what to paint! Get some companies of iron going!

What’s sad is that a lot of what I already have painted doesn’t quite match up with the game, and the new Northkin stuff I have ordered doesn’t work either. So I’ll be starting fresh with something to do this way!

The hope is that we’ll be all setup to run a bunch of Company of Iron at Platypus Con 2018, so I figure I can do my part by having a few companies together and painted for folks to use and for me to play.

Watch for me to be posting pictures of my painting on our Instagram page!

I don’t know if I’ll be getting any games in in the coming months, but even still, part of the joy of the game for me is in list building and army building, is in the “dojo” of the game that I can be doing even when away from the table.

Since the new edition came out, I’ve tried out just about ever warlock in Trolls at this point. However, my attention was focused on only a part of the whole: the 2 Grissels, the 3 Doomshapers, my beloved Horgle, and some of the other single-version warlocks. I’ve ended up focusing a lot on the Warbeasts (like many Troll players), and have slowly built up a collection that includes other things.

So, I’ve set my goal for the coming months at least to focus more on some of the warlocks I haven’t been paying as much attention to: the 3 Madraks, the 2 Grims, the 2 Borkas, and then some of the single version warlocks, most notably the brand new one, Kolgrima, the winter witch!

I’ve actually realized, with 8 warlocks and 4 themes, I have thoughts to start by trying each of them in a specific one… and it happens to balance out at 2 for each theme. So I’m thinking:

Power of Dhunia (warbeasts):

  • Kolgrima
  • Grim1

Band of Heroes (melee troops):

  • Madrak1
  • Borka1

Kriel Company (ranged troops):

  • Grim2
  • Madrak3

Storm of the North (Northkin, combined arms):

  • Borka2
  • Madrak2

There’s certainly some ways that I could shift this around and try other options for them all, but this is where I’m thinking of getting started with them. I erased all of my old army lists, so this is all fresh start now. Also, the main thing I would like to try with all of them is more Northkin stuff, and they don’t all need to bring Bears along, right?

I’m a little sad with the things I have put time into painting, like my Ragnor:

Or that Chad painted for me, in Gunnbjorn:

So I suppose my personal challenge is to find a way to use these warlocks, too, and get ready for some games closer to fully painted! That’s a thing people do, right?


A bunch of new rules, new models, and a new game, all amount to there being plenty for me to be happy about with my hobby, even if I don’t get time to play!


Not my painting… Warmachine Wednesday

A while back, Chad (of a couple of podcasts fame) won a tournament he was running, where the prize was supposed to be the winner would get a model painted by him. Since he won, he agreed to paint something for everyone!

I had originally selected one model, and it had sat with Chad a while, apparently neither of us very excited about it. Well, it came back to mind and we swapped out what he was painting… and it was definitely worth it!

He sent me some work-in-progress pictures as he went along as well, so here we go!

Captain Gunnbjorn

Getting started!


Almost done! At this point, the Bazooka was left.

Legit Bazooka!

So many details! Extra rockets on his belt, obviously.

Well, now I’m going to have to play more Gunnbjorn! This turned out great. And the red tartan is looking good, excellent proof of concept.

Trying to dive back into painting – Warmachine Wednesday!

It’s been a while – what with packing up, leaving my models at Chad’s house, and moving in – but I thought I would try to get some painting going on my Trollbloods! I was just getting this going before things like that got set down in our lives several months ago, so I needed a way to get back in.

One thing is that I picked up a good red color I plan to use for the Tartan area of the models. I have tried green, but red will I think stand out better from the blue skin and the various leather and metals. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s the final piece that will let me start finishing models.

However, actually getting models out and getting some paint on them – in our new space – was what I needed to do. So I decided to go with something simple, and which will help when playing the game. I got some arc markings painted! So that you can tell what the front half of the model is, for showing where the models can see.

Oh, and I think I’ve figured out my basing, as well. With the Northkin coming soon – and the general Northkin bent of my collection – I think that the snowy north sounds good. Also, I won these wonderfully painted models on eBay…

Whoa, that ended up quite dark, didn’t it? Let’s try with one of the new lights in the house…

Wow, that almost give a light box effect. Maybe I need to get something to put things on to hold under the light, for photography!

Anyway, the snow basing on these guys is awesome, and a simple touch to make a Northkin army! I’ll be looking into how to do this, to truly be able to finish models. But for now, I’ve gotten paint on some models, and broken the ice, so to speak. Now it’s time to go play with my new buffalo riding trolls!

New Journeyman League Starting Today!

I know I know this is normally webcomic day, but my mind has turned back to Warmachine and Hordes for the moment. The reason why? We’re starting a Journeyman League today! That’s a slow-grow league where you start with a starter box and add a little bit over time to get started. There’s bonuses around both painting and games played, and a new award for sportsmanship. The goal is fun!

We did two of these in the old edition of the rules, but haven’t done one yet in the new edition. I get to play the new Trollbloods starter box so that’ll be a changeup for me. Most of our local players are actually using the opportunity to get going with a new faction, but I’m using this more as an excuse to get more painting done now that I’m off to a good start with that!

The last model I painted was the Runebearer, who has a lot going on with runestones and such, a common motif for the Trolls.

There are two major areas I haven’t done yet. One is adding some sort of color and glow to the runes on all those runestones. I’m trying to figure out what color I want that to be, and then I need to figure out a technique! That’s certainly something that could be good to figure out and then hit a lot models at once with that.

The other is the tartan area. If I’m honest with myself, I’m not a good enough painter to do a tartan plaid. I’ve seen pictures of peoples’ Trollbloods where these areas are a single, eye-catching color (reds look particularly good), and I’ve been thinking about that. There’s one model on the horizon that has me thinking about one color in particular…

That’s the 3-D model of the Sea King, coming out later this year. The pirate lover in me really likes the idea of a giant Troll with a pirate ship on his head and a ship anchor as a weapon. With all that seaweed and stuff running down, a brighter green color for the tartan area could be an interesting unifying color, and would then match with the Sea King one day. I may try that out!

Because I’m liking how the Runebearer turned out, I am thinking that next I would like to paint the Runeshapers, who are the more combat-oriented mages. More runestones!

They’re more armored, but really most of that is just more runestones. I think the simple browns I was using will look good with the earth-magic theme for these guys. I also love playing them, so it’ll be great to have them painted!

If I’m doing them, it seems to me that the next thing to paint is then the leader of the Runeshapers, Janissa Stonetide!

Janissa is one of the excellent combat ladies in Warmachine and Hordes (there’s actually a number of these in Trollbloods, one of the things I like!). I may have stolen the rock effect piece from a Runeshaper… I think she looks great with it, something I had seen others do online. Unfortunately, when drybrushing her with white I had too much water and paint on the brush, and it ended up less drybrush and more just painting. So it’ll be really nice to get her painted just so that the model looks cleaner.

I happened to see an excellent looking Janissa on eBay. I didn’t buy it, and I don’t know who to credit with this… but it has me inspired on painting her. It made me go to the model and look, and lo and behold, there is a faint line along the bottom of her robe that you can easily paint another color. The gold with the red pops really well and I might do something similar, maybe with a bronze. 

Anyway, that’s where I want to get started with painting my Trollbloods for this Journeyman League! I hear rumors that the Troll starter box is awful against the other boxes (but they’re great models to own and use otherwise), so I have no aspirations of winning. Just painting and having a good time! I’ll share some pictures as I go along!

Painting update!

Yesterday I discussed how I had decided that my creative energies at the moment were going towards painting. And those creative energies lasted past one night! As did a lot of my painting setup! Which helps. A lot of what I hear on podcasts and such from people who actually do a decent amount of painting is that they – shock! – have a painting table. It would help, but with the Geek Baby now toddlering along, space for things she can’t touch is at a premium!

First, in between working on another model, I did get some more work done on the Trolls from yesterday:

They’re looking good together, which means things are working so far with the painting!

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