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Geek 501 Science Fiction / Fantasy

Good Omens black and white covers

There was a great article on iO9 talking about entry level science fiction and fantasy books. They got a lot of people to give their ideas for great books to introduce someone to science fiction and / or fantasy. I felt bad because there were a lot of books that I had actually never read. At the same time there were a good number that I had read. It was definitely an interesting list of a wide variety of books. The ideas came from authors, publishers, and more, but here are a few books that I think are a great introduction to science fiction and fantasy.

Some of the idea is that science fiction and fantasy can sometimes be so epic and many of the books are such small parts of a larger whole it can be difficult to want to enter in to a potentially large commitment. The books that I think would work well either are single stories or stand on their own enough that they do not further books to get the whole story. Continue reading

Trailer Watch – Ender’s Game

So, there have been a few different trailers out now for Ender’s Game, and with each successive one, I cringe a little bit more.

This is a movie that has already gone through years of development hell. It’s finally making it to the big screen. And it’s going through the controversy surrounding the Orson Scott Card, which I’ve talked about a bit before. And it even suffers – hopefully in a good way? – from a cast full of Oscar winners and nominees.

But as time goes on, I really wonder what is going on with this movie. Or with the marketing department. Or someone. Because some part of this – and I don’t know what yet – is not meeting my expectations. So I am going to include a few different trailers, and talk a bit about the book, and so all kinds of spoilers to come – and honestly, I’m not sure if the trailers are worth watching. I really don’t know. Continue reading

Your Controversy Trumped My Simple Post – Orson Scott Card and Ultimate Iron Man

So I finished reading Ultimate Iron Man. I was reading it for my LitFlix project for comics, thinking it might be a good lead-in for the Iron Man movies. The X-Men movies were really kind of in the world of Ultimate X-Men, so I thought that might be similar as a source.

Not so! Ultimate Iron Man is very different from the movies. Tony Stark is born with some nano-technological powers, and is a young genius who builds the Iron Man suit because he can, and only he can really use it. It’s… different. He regrows. It’s a thing.

So now, I want to read something else in preparation for Iron Man 3. But it’s written by Orson Scott Card… so suddenly, I feel like dropping an Orson Scott Card comic is part of a current political issue, and I want to do it for content reasons. My LitFlix is getting caught up in a current controversy! Continue reading