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Struggles of a Video Game Completionist Playing a Bethesda Game

Fallout 4 CoverI am currently in the middle of playing Fallout 4 and it is the furthest that I have made it in any Bethesda game so far. My biggest problem often is that I get distracted by the side quests or I get so overwhelmed with what it is possible to do that I just never seem to get anywhere. My problem is that I like to complete all the quests and find all the things, which could practically take forever in most Bethesda games.

In Fallout 4 they have really given me a sense of purpose both in the main mission and with the side quests. The people of the Commonwealth trying to carve out better lives for themselves and their family. Then there are all the people, creatures, and things trying to make those lives a little more difficult. It is driving me to want to do more, but it can get so easy to get distracted. I am curious how much further I need to go on the main quest because there are so many other things that can be done! For someone who likes to complete all the quests it is a real struggle.

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So that’s a thing – Goat Simulator

We’re packing to go on a short trip for the weekend, and it’s not a good space to be thinking of a blog post. So this is only a little bit filler. It’s also just something to share, if you haven’t seen it. Goat Simulator.

We saw one video of people playing it on the new React Channel, from the Fine Bros. We’ve talked about them before here. Great YouTube Channel we still watch – and they have started this new Channel with even more of the reaction videos. And so, they have the teens play¬†Goat Simulator.

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Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns

Last night I got my hands on the demo for Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns and I am so excited for this game. The demo did a great job of giving me a taste of what the game play is going to be like, the job mechanics, fighting, and just a hint at the story. The graphics look amazing and the story had me intrigued before the demo and the demo just added to that. It also made me start thinking about how different this game is going to be compared to Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2.

One of the biggest differences is definitely going to be the timed aspect of the game. You start out facing 13 days until the end of the world and the clock is ticking. The thing I do like is the combat system seems really neat. You tie abilities to the four main buttons and you press them to perform specific actions. You are still pulled in to a battle room, but instead of picking actions from a list you move around and press buttons. It makes for a very different way to play. The fact that the story is around Lightning herself also makes it a different sort of story being told. Continue reading