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Geek 501 – Geek Where You Are

geek 501

I feel like the massive explosion of geek culture in recent years – to the point that it doesn’t feel like a counter-culture anymore – is due in large part to the Internet. The Internet allows geeks to find each other, allows fans and fandoms to find each other. It allows for our expressions of geekiness to be found by others, for us to be creators as well and to have an audience. It allows niche and obscure things to have a large following, because the whole following can potentially connect together.

However, I’m also frequently reminded of how important it is to have a local focus, even as we geek. Let’s go with an example.

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Glasses.com a Review

Screenshot Glasses.com AppDavid and I had heard about Glasses.com from a few of the blogs and videos that we watch. Last September we decided to give it a try to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. The experience that we had was absolutely fabulous and I love my new glasses. David has now gone through the experience and he even had some issues, which showed us the great customer service that Glasses.com offers.

One of the best things that we really liked about Glasses.com is the fact that they have an iPad app. With the app you can actually take a scan of your face and see how glasses would look on your face. The app allows you to try on any type of glasses and even show four to a page if you so desire. Now the one downside is that the app does not allow you to search by your prescription, but the website does. So you can actually enter your prescription information to know that the glasses you select will work with your prescription. Continue reading