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Arrow is Hamlet

Hear me out!

I’m not a huge DC fan, Marvel is much more my style. I’d never much wanted to check out Arrow, but when I saw it was on Netflix I figured it would be worth a shot. When I first started watching it, I thought it was basically Batman if his parents, or at least half of them, were alive. Further in (I’m about halfway through season 2) I realized it’s not Batman 2.0, it’s actually Hamlet. From what I can tell, that comes from the show’s deviations from the comic book plot, such as leaving his parents alive into his young adulthood, but I do feel it’s been done to great effect to draw in more viewers.


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Oliver Queen, Arrow – A Character Study

While Oliver Queen is a character who has been around a while in the comics, along with Green Arrow (pretty obviously based on Robin Hood…), we only know him from Arrow. As such, I wanted to explore some of the things we noticed in rewatching the show recently. For more on the character in general, there’s always the recent Death Battle:

There are a few attributes that really define him, two of which are pretty obvious – but the third only really showed up through binge rewatching. So join me as we explore the character Oliver Queen, from Arrow!

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Re-Watching Arrow versus Flash

Image from DC Comics at dccomics.com

Image from DC Comics at dccomics.com

Being sick last week meant I had a lot of time where I was sitting around just doing nothing and trying not to feel worse. So, I decided to binge re-watch Arrow and Flash. Re-watching these shows revealed even further how different they are.

Throughout re-watching each of the shows it revealed some fundamental structural differences in how they are put together. Arrow is more about an over-arching sense of seeking justice and usually a continuing fight against a larger mysterious villain. Flash definitely comes across as more monster- (or more accurately meta-human) of-the-week. In the end it made Arrow a bit more re-watchable than Flash. Continue reading

Flash versus Arrow TV Event

David and I recently got back from Australia and after spending 34 hours without any real sleep while flying back to the states I think my brain is still fried. Of course one of the things we do when we get back is to catch up on all the shows that we had not been watching; some of those being The Flash and Arrow. Only today did I find out about the wonderful two-night event that is occurring tonight and tomorrow, which is Flash versus Arrow. So because I am feeling brain dead and jet lagged and this looks awesome here is the trailer for this weeks The Flash and Arrow. I will include the extended trailer, which is also really good, after the jump.

UPDATE: Both of the videos we posted got marked “private” from the CW YouTube. Here is a trailer for this crossover on DC Entertainment. Also, these episodes have both now aired, so you can watch them!