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Nielson Rating Outdated

David and I recently participating in a week long Nielson Rating survey. We had to fill out a survey every day for a week saying what we watched from cable TV and when. It did have a way to record information for shows that we were watching out of sync with when it actually aired, but the survey just seemed to show a lack of acknowledgment of advancements in technology. The basics of what the Nielson rating is tracking is simple with whether you have a tv, have cable, have HBO, have a DVR, etc. Then it asked whether you had a VCR or DVD player, okay I get it, but what about including Blu-Ray under DVD. Then it asks if you have a landline, but does not ask about other forms of communication. I am probably missing something about how Nielson ratings are supposed to work, but just the way the form was put together made it feel like Nielson was not recognizing the way that we consume media now a days.

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