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Me and my Trolls (with pictures!)


No, no, no. Not that kind of troll… Trollbloods! I had mentioned that I had started a Trollbloods Hordes army, and now I’ve had some time with them and it seemed like time to talk a bit more. And share some pictures because I’m realizing I haven’t done much of that yet, even on Instagram!

So it seems that I chose a pretty good time to get into Trollbloods… as I mentioned they had been nerfed, which meant that there were a good number of people who had headed to eBay to sell some… so I got some deals there. Then last week, Privateer Press who makes the game changed their rules on people selling things at a discount… so apparently I ordered the things I got from retailers in time too! Sadly I haven’t gotten everything I really wanted at first, but it’s now slow-grow time. Hitting the eBay again… likely some posts on that to come.

But for now, a few musings, a few pictures, all Trollbloods!

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Hordes and the Trollololos

When I got into Warmachine (and its companion game Hordes), I was one of two people in town that we knew of who played. We set up to play at the first Platypus Con, where our third player got to play his first games. In between, we reached a point where we have weekly games, we had a Journeyman League with seven players, a tournament with six, and at the second Platypus Con I got to play a big three player game that was a ton of fun.

I’m at about a year and a half with my army, and I’m at the point where I have about everything in the army. It’s a small army, a limited release, so that wasn’t too hard… it helped me limit myself. But now we have more players, a more competitive environment, and I’ve found that I really enjoy the game. I listen to podcasts, plot and scheme and strategize… it was time to branch out and learn something new.

Whoops… #hordes #trollbloods

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