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We’re Headed to a New Site! – Weekend Coffee Share

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If we were having coffee, I’d say I hope you noticed that we’ve been working on moving. We’ve mentioned it on the site… maybe not as much as we could or should have. I don’t know. We weren’t wanting to direct people to the site yet, since it was a work-in-progress… We’ve worked, and there’s progress!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you to check out ComparativeGeeks.com in all its glory! We carried over some of this month’s content, so the site wasn’t barren… it also has kept us writing good posts instead of throw-away, because we’re making use of them twice 🙂


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that after you subscribe to the new blog site, you should follow us on social media too if you haven’t. Make sure you can keep up. Our Facebook page has been going for years, but we’ve been working harder to share fun things to it lately. We have a new combined Twitter, however, so that you can make sure to get all the updates from Comparative Geeks, from all of our contributors: https://twitter.com/comparativegeek. We also have a presence on Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+, if those are your cup of tea to my cup of coffee.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that after you subscribe to the new blog and follow us on social media, you should totally check out our new Podcast, Comparative Opinions! Inspired by the blog series of the same name, this is a podcast where we get together for half an hour, talk about a topic and a bit about our lives and geekiness, and then let you get on your merry way. The first episode has been submitted to iTunes, so hopefully it will be available there soon!


If we were having coffee, I would tell you this is post 999 on Comparative Geeks. At 1000, I think we may be turning into a pumpkin – this blog will stop posting, and you’ll want to be heading over to ComparativeGeeks.com instead. With the new site comes more contributors, daily posting, a forum for ongoing discussion, the weekly podcast, and more.

We’ve gotten to this point through all the great help and support and readership and comments and shares and encouragement from all of you, our readers. Thank you so much. We have enjoyed blogging here for three and a half years, and it was time to step up or step back. We are stepping up in a big way, and we hope you join us for the ride.

If you haven’t yet, after clicking all those links above, make sure to check out the rest of the coffee linkup over on PartTimeMonster!


What Does it Mean to be Smart?

geek 501

This is a topic that has been coming to mind for a while. There are a number of reasons, and it’s a post that could go really long. However, instead of exploring each alternative, I’ll just try to touch on them and let you weigh in.

It ties in with questions of Geek versus Nerd. Geeks are defined by their passions and engagement, while the only main difference I can see for the use of the term “Nerd” is there is some assumption then of being “smart.” It’s the nerds who get forced to do others’ homework in the media. Although again, I feel there’s a lot of overlap between these two groups and definitions thereof, if not total overlap.

However, I’ve also been thinking about this a lot with the Geek Baby. There’s so much talk of all these things you can and should do to help with a baby’s development, from breastfeeding to tummy time to reading and music. And so, preoccupied with doing these things, we’re preoccupied with wanting to make sure our baby is smart.

Still – what is smart? Intelligence, with the IQ test behind it and all, has a much more precise sort of meaning. Intelligence is about “getting” things. However, at points just about anyone can be smart. Often it just takes making a “right” decision or observation. And it can be really relative, depending on others and on the situation. And hindsight. So what is smart?

Being right seems like a good starting answer, but it also requires hindsight in general to judge. So generally, in decision-making moments, it’s an educated or intuitive guess being made, which time will show as good or bad. Is the person who is good at decision making the smart person?

Of course, educated guesses open up another possible definition. Knowing things. Being smart might be knowing things, maybe about a specific thing, maybe about everything. In this way, we can all be smart by specializing. By knowing about our specialties. And really, anyone can, with enough time and dedication, learn and know things. So are we smart after we do so?

Or are we smart by making the decision to study and learn in the first place?

Of course, with studying and learning comes remembering. With memory, with recall of the things we do know, we are being smart in the moment. We can sound smart by memorizing and remembering really sophisticated things. We can probably be smart by remembering really pertinent or important things. But memory is a fickle thing: does it really define being smart?

There are other alternatives as well, being intuitive, or being persuasive, or being good at things… Surely other definitions that you could supply. In fact, please do so in the comments below!

Geek 501 – Gatekeeping

Before we dive into the A to Z Challenge, I wanted to get in another Geek 501 post. So it’s time to take on one of the bigger things in all of geek culture. Something that crops up in basically all fandoms. Gatekeeping.

I could define Gatekeeping. Or, I could let comic writers and artist Noelle Stevenson do it for me.

As I’ve talked about previously, much of the joy and point of being a geek is finding others like us, finding those who share our loves and joining together. However, in group forming, in identity forming, in self-defining, one of the problems is that we inherently exclude others.

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Geek Versus Nerd via Sports Analogy

I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve broached this subject, and since then we have picked up followers and commenters. In other words, we’ve picked up some folks who might like to weigh in on the discussion. It’s kind of an obvious question for us, because we chose Geek in our name: the Comparative Geeks. But what does it mean to be a Geek? And how is that different from a Nerd?

Indeed, defining Geek in terms of what Geek means versus what Nerd means might be easier and more meaningful than trying to define Geek in a vacuum. As has been said to me, we don’t Geek in a vacuum. When you try to take either of these terms on their own, you get the definitions that we talked about in one of our very first posts.

Found on http://www.thingsnerdslike.com/movies/star-wars-vs-star-trek-make-it-so/

It’s kind of like this, only not.
I used this on https://comparativegeeks.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/star-trek-vs-star-wars/

We’ve shared things like the Geek vs. Nerd Rap Battle before. We’ve talked about King of the Nerds. And we’ve explored geekdom from other angles in our Geek 501 posts. But today I want to talk about Geeks and Nerds in terms of an activity that is not normally thought of as Geeky or Nerdy, but is instead for some reason “mainstream” or “popular” or “normal” or whatever the opposite would be.


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Realistic vs. Romantic Literature

Hello my readers, time again for me to touch on a series of posts I’ve written over the course of the blog so far. It all started out from a definition of science fiction I read in a book, which led into a blog post exploring that. Then, for comparison, I explored a definition of fantasy based on a quote that’s floated around social media. So between the two, I had pitted Frank Herbert against J.R.R. Tolkien. Then, for another look at it, I compared Star Trek and Star Wars. I still really like my genre exploration there.

And then I listened to George R.R. Martin on the Nerdist Podcast, and it got me thinking that all this work of putting things in genres, and holding one over another or pitting them against one another, was wrong; and I was working on coming up with new terms or new ways of thinking about the differences, of trying to really articulate what I was trying to say.

That’s when I got a comment back on that first post, questioning what I meant about science fiction, making me really think about what I was saying. The commenter – who had the opportunity to interview the author, Paolo Bacigalupi – recommended and discussed The Windup Girl. So I felt I needed to read that first and consider it. And to consider what it is I have been trying to articulate, to think of the terms and groupings and ways that we talk about these sorts of stories, and so that is where I am coming from with this post. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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