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Halo 3 on Feminist Friday

I have finally completed both games now in the Halo 3… franchise? Series? What do you call it? Anyway, Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST, and they were pretty fun games. It reminded me of the joy of the Halo games, the excellent story and gameplay they combined to make some of the definitive FPS experiences.

I don’t tend to play the realistic shooters (Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, these sorts of things), and so Halo, Timesplitters, or Borderlands are more my sort of game. The stories that can be built once you’re freed from the real world sorts of conflicts and interplay are interesting. I’m not looking for the violence, or for the mulitplayer; I’ll take story and co-op. And playing through the Halo 3 games I wasn’t co-op: so just the story, then.

So while the gameplay elements are all there to make Halo 3 like the two previous installments, by the end I realized they had ended up leaning on a crutch to complete their story, and it kind of bothered me. So then, I got to playing Halo 3 ODST and the larger cast of characters was fun, and nostalgic of Firefly (as I mentioned the other day). But then, they reminded me of a character I was missing: the female captain, voiced by Tricia Helfer. Both games dip into an interesting place regarding their female characters, and so I thought I would consider both games here on Friday, as part of the larger Feminist Friday movement. What happened to my Halo games? Spoilers for much of Halo!

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The Supernatural in Castle

Title from ABC's Castle

Title from ABC’s Castle

David and I love the show Castle. It is one that we will usually take the time to watch every week and will re-watch past seasons. Nathon Fillion is what initially brought us to the show, but the character of Richard Castle is so much fun to watch and his interaction with Kate are fantastic. Usually what happens is there is a crime, usually a murder, and Castle comes up with a pretty outlandish theory involving the most complex option possible because it is what would make for a good story. In the end the show usually proves Castle completely wrong and we find out that there is a simple explanation for everything that has happened. In the last couple of seasons they have subtly been ramping up some of the intrigue.

In season 5 we got introduced to Castle’s father in an amazing two part episode. We find out that Castle’s dad is apparently the blackest of black ops spies who actually pulls off the crazy antics that Castle dreams about in his stories. It is a great introduction and begins to open the idea of antics that are beyond belief for most people, but still grounded in reality. This season they have amped things up even more. They first introduced the idea of time travel in episode five of this current season and unlike other times they never explained it away. Then in this most recent episode they introduced the idea of telekinetics, they explain away some of the stuff, but there are things that are left open to the possibilities. So what does this mean for future Castle and why did they choose to do it? Continue reading

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters LitFlix


So David and I finally got around to seeing Percy Jackson the Sea of Monsters. It took long enough to get to a theatre close enough that we could go watch it. I already wrote my review of the first movie and I was curious how they were planning to continue the story in this second movie. The beginning did a pretty good job of bringing in some of the elements that they had skipped over in the first book back in to play, which really helps with where the story is supposed to go.

I did enjoy Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters as a movie. It is a fun ride and pretty enjoyable to watch. At the same time the book is so good and I am willing to be pretty forgiving of changes, but they eventually just took it a bit too far for me. (Spoilers for Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters after the jump.) Continue reading

Much Ado About Nothing

David and I recently got to go see Joss Whedon’s interpretation of Much Ado About Nothing. I have been looking forward to seeing this movie ever since I first heard that Joss had created it. I was excited for a couple of reasons. One of them being my love of Much Ado About Nothing in general the other being that it was Joss and all his closest friends at his house Doug Shakespeare. Making the whole concept pretty brilliant.

Now I am a big fan of the Kenneth Branagh version. Branagh is an amazing Benedict and I adore Emma Thompson in general. So I was really interested in seeing how Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker chose to play these iconic roles. I have to say the Joss Whedon is different enough as a modern interpretation that it is really difficult to compare the two, although there are some interesting differences between some of the performances. Continue reading