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Movie Year in Review – 2014 So Far

I know it’s only halfway through the year, but as far as years go for movie releases, I think this year has been outstanding! To harken back, in my post talking about what I was excited for this year, most of it was movies. And, most of those movies were the first part of this year.

Therefore, I thought I would spend a bit of time to look at a few of the movies from the first part of this year, and look at just why they were so good. In thinking back on them, I’ve had some new thoughts, so I hope you’ll indulge me.

I think I especially want to talk about Mr. Peabody and Sherman, The Lego Movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and How to Train Your Dragon 2. Ones that I had said I was excited for, and which all lived up to or exceeded my expectations. I thought about Edge of Tomorrow, as well, but let me just say this real quick: it was a great action movie, and is one that is kind of hurting for money – so you going to see it would not be a bad thing! 

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Time Travel and Mr. Peabody and Sherman

This weekend David and I went and saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman, which is a heart warming tale of a dog and his boy. The movie was really cute and highlighted the relationship between Peabody and Sherman, but it would not be Peabody and Sherman without time travel. The whole idea of inventing a time machine (called the Way Back) to teach your son about history is fascinating. The time travel that they show in the movie is great in mine opinion and they went to more than one location, which is part of what made it so interesting.

There are a few interesting things about how they decided to look at time travel in this movie. One, is that the things they do in the past seems to not affect the timeline and even seems to be incorporated into how history occurred. Next, is that they only travel to the past and back to their own time. They seem to be only able to move through the past and not into the future. Finally, the one big rule of time travel is that you do not cross your own time stream, which leads to interesting consequences. (Spoilers for Mr. Peabody and Sherman after the jump)

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What I’m Excited For in 2014

With a brand new year of things coming up, we’re showcasing a few of the things we’re excited for. Here are some of the things I’m excited for; you’ll get Holly’s list in a few days.

You’ll probably recognize some of the things I’m excited for based on my other posts, so I’ll try to mix things up a bit as well. I’m also realizing a lot of it is movies, because they do the best job of advance notice and choosing a release date. On the other hand, a lot of the video games on the horizon are vague promises of a game, and a statement of which console they would be on – no release date.

But hey, movies have trailers, so I’ll include these, too! Join me in my excitement for the things coming up this coming year!

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