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Dragon Age Inquisition: The Game That Doesn’t End

So according to my play clock, at least, I’m 50 hours in to Dragon Age Inquisition. I haven’t noticed what Holly’s has said but I feel like she’s ahead of me…

And while there’s been some plot development for both of us, we then reached the point where the world opens up to you, and you suddenly have access to a whole lot of areas – full of a whole lot of fights and quests. So we were all like:


We’re completionists. Treasure-hunters. Crafters and explorers. Combat tacticians and optimizers. This game has something for all of these impulses – well, more than something. A lot. There’s a lot of world, a lot to do, a lot to fight, a lot to find, a lot to craft…

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What are You Excited for in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out next week, and we’re super excited. Special edition preordered and on the way soon! We’ve been ready for this game since pretty much exactly the moment Dragon Age 2 ended, as it sets up a teaser/cliffhanger/hook so well that it made Inquisition look like a better and more interesting game than what we had just played!

So maybe some of the poll answers are a bit of a joke, but there’s some serious too… But definitely feel free to chime in in the comments as well!

A is for Alistair

ADavid and I both loved the first Dragon Age game and one of our favorite characters is Alistair. He has a pretty serious past, which contrasts greatly with his smartass actions and comments. Alistair is with you for the entire game, which in so many ways is fabulous because he is hilarious. The conversations between him and any of the other characters is simply a joy. The conversations that you can have with him are just full of the most sarcastic smartass comments as possible. It makes for great comic relief during the game and creates some great conflict with some of the other characters. (Potential spoilers for Dragon Age after the jump)

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