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Best and Worst LitFlix 2014

Yesterday David posted his list for the Comic Litflix of 2014 and today I am posting mine. Unfortunately during this year we missed out on seeing some of the movies, in the end I think it is mostly my movies. At the same time we did still see quite a few LitFlix’s this year. The Hobbit is still left to be seen and we are actually having that done as a guest post by Gene’O, who actually did a series on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. This will actually give you three separate perspectives on the movies and how they have done dealing with the book. Obviously then it is not making this list, but from everything I heard so far I don’t know that it would have anyway. Continue reading

LitFlix: Mockingjay Part I

David and I got to see Mockingjay Part I when we were in Australia. We enjoyed it, but it does feel a bit like a step between movies. The movie itself is good and is a faithful adaptation of the book. At the same time if I judged it as a stand alone movie, I do not know how well it really holds up. It continues the story of Katniss and the Districts, but does not necessarily tell its own story. This does make sense since they split the story into two parts, but I feel like it does not make sense to split the story unless you really have two stories to tell. At the same time by splitting the story they were able to include a lot more details from the book than if they had kept it as one movie. There was an interesting balance, but at the same time I did enjoy the continuation of the story and the performances by all the actors were phenomenal. The movie itself, such as in the book really deals with the after effects on the characters of what occurred in the previous movies. This does not move the story forward, but does give us a great character study to explore. (Spoilers for Mockingjay after the jump.) Continue reading