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Weekend Coffee Share – Screen Time Edition

It’s been a busy few weeks here, as we worked our way through some of our normal features – like best of last year, and anticipation for this year. Plus the holidays, all that… it’s been a while since having coffee. So…

If we were having coffee, I’d say hello, and how are you doing? I’d probably talk about the upcoming Platypus Con, and all my plans to get things constructed, painted, and on the table to be playing some increasingly cool looking and competent Warmachine with our growing group.

I might talk about shows or games or other things we’re up to, but honestly those all came up in recent posts as well. No, what I’d probably do if we were having coffee is gush about the Geek Baby.

A big recent topic of consideration, concern, reading, and discussion has been Screen Time. For a long time, the official advice to parents has been Screen Time Is Bad, with the recommendation to be zero Screen Time before age 2.


I’m sure you can imagine where our problems begin. If not, hello, welcome to Comparative Geeks, we’re kind of plugged in.

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Who Uses QR Codes?

So recently at my job there has been some discussion around QR codes. Now I do not personally have a QR scanner on my phone because so far I have not seen the point. I do not live in a place that is really using them at all so there is not a purpose to me having them. It got me thinking though about who is really using QR codes. For the most part they are just taking you to a website to find out more information, but hopefully the site is optimized for mobile. Now I can kind of appreciate the idea of QR codes because they seem to be convenient. Instead of having to type in an url you just scan it with your phone and get the information. However, there are some fundamental flaws with the idea of QR codes. Continue reading