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ReCore, First Impressions

Image from www.recoregame.com

So after finally finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition I decided that I would play something completely different and started Recore. I am only a little ways into it and so far am loving it. It is nice to play a game that is not mainly about fighting, but also has puzzles to solve and a lot of items to find. It is so great to have something different after the 150 hours of a really intensive game. I am excited to be able to play a game that has a very different pace to it. At the same time the story so far has me incredibly intrigued. Recore is a throwback to games such a Metroid and Zelda, but with a new twist, which is great to see. Continue reading

S is for Samus

SThe metroid games are fun action based games with some interesting mechanics. As the capabilities of the systems has increased so has what you are able to do as Samus. I admit that I have not played all of the Metroid games, but the ones I have played I have loved. The suit is one of the greatest things ever and I think my favorite part is being able to somehow transform into a ball and roll around. It is a great combination of of shooter and puzzle. The suit is used for power plays as well as tricks. It is a fun time.

Now the interesting thing about Samus is that the character is female. In some ways I question whether a gender is necessary for the character because they are in the suit. In some ways people may assume that Samus is a guy and so having it be a female is a great surprise. At the same time it is great when the character can be ambiguous and anyone can put themselves in to the character. Continue reading